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Africa » Tanzania » North » Kondoa August 10th 2007

The road from Dodoma northwards to kondoa was very bumpy and very dry. The houses are flat and rectangular and made of bricks by the warangi people mostly. Spent one night in this small town---walking around and spending lots of time speaking with the women selling fruits in the market. The bus to Babati and then to Arusha where I am now was also completely dusty though not crowded at all so enjoyable. I had to breath through a kanga most of the time and when i had to scratch my nose I ended up scratching my face---lots of bumps, no asphault. Houses became round, out of straw and mud---massai country. Took a try of a medicine for clearing the head from the massai sitting next to me. Played clapping games and footsie with a very ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Kondoa March 30th 2007

The road the Kondoa is one of the worst roads I have ever experienced. I read, in another travel blog, about a couple trying to reach Kondoa and only getting as far as Babati. I don’t blame them. Years ago I lived in Vancouver, Canada and had a regular practice of taking my Jeep deep into the mountains around BC. The road to Kondoa reminded me of the very worst logging roads I ever had ever experienced. We were travelling to Kondoa in search of Tanzanian ‘Bushman’ who should not be confused with the Bushman of Southern Africa (See the movie THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY). We were looking for these traditional hunter-gatherers as part of research for a book I have been working on and a seminar we run. As bad as the road ... read more
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