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October 24th 2006
Published: October 23rd 2006
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Rain dropsRain dropsRain drops

out in the yard one dew dripped morning
We've been taking picture of all the beautiful flowers we've seen since we have been here and I thought I would share a few of them with you! We have internet connected here at the house now so we're back online and would love hearing from all of you!

We had our first group Bible study here at the house tonight with all the missionary families... there were 20 of us total here, with no visitors... amazing! Its nice to have such a great team of missionaries here working together side by side and having the fellowship with each other. We have a weekly Bible study in each others homes, eat dinner together and sing songs (in English) before our devotional and prayer together.... Anthony & Shasta have arrived safe and sound and we are so thankful for their being here with us.

The house is getting more and more like home each and every day! The water line busted this morning and so we're having to carry buckets in from the spicket out back, but hey, it's Africa!!!! all the modern commodities of a regular home, with the little things that remind us that, its still a 3rd world country... always an adventure! but we did have power for the better part of the day, so count your blessings and smile! they are saying that we might possibly be facing a 20 hour power outage here soon with just 4 hours a day to work with, so we'll be keeping less in the refrigerator just in case it doesnt come back on, and making more small trips in to the markets to prepare meals.... minor inconviences... It all works out one way or another!!

The kids are doing great! School monday through friday just like back home.... playing with friends just like back home.... They are all doing wonderful!

Its been raining quite a bit here lately, the begining of the early rainy season I guess... but the muddy streets are something else... Brent's great at handling the roads, the mud slides, the traffic, the dally dallas, but I would rather sit back close my eyes and let me know when we get there...

Well, I Just wanted to send a few pretty pics... of some flowers we've seen lately ....

All our love, Brent & Julie & family

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The Tree faceThe Tree face
The Tree face

We found this naturally grown face in the stump of a cut down tree in our yard at the new house...
Tanzanian MistTanzanian Mist
Tanzanian Mist

awwww the beauty

23rd October 2006

I have been doing the same thing!!! I only have a few and I regret not bringing my camera to your yard tonight!!!
13th February 2010

brilliant red beauty beuty
its good and nice
24th February 2010

beautiful flowers!!!!
19th April 2011

awesome and beautiful

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