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December 9th 2009
Published: December 9th 2009
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First blog and conscious not to make it too wordy or boastful of all the cool things we have seen and done (ok sorry) but feel free to send abuse and comments generally if it is, be great to hear from you too. So, just over a month has passed since we left Blighty on a sunny but chilly November 2nd for an East African Adventure. Purpose of the trip was to start a GAP/Sabbatical from our careers... Read Full Entry

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10th December 2009

Love from Lambourn!
Hey guys, Great to hear the tales - to quote Coldplay: Nobody said it was easy! Looks like you're having a blast though. I love this pics, particularly the classroom ones... Jimmy you finally got a captive audience to listen to you! All the best with Kili. Never done it before but I imagine the secret is not to freak out too much about it and take it one stage at a time. I hope there's a beach somewhere to reward yourselves when it's done. Can't wait to see the pics! Anyway, enjoy it, these are the stories you'll be telling til you're 90! Lots of love, Gints x
10th December 2009

Jimmy Great to see your blog and you having such a great time. It looks amazing from the photos and now feeling v jealous. A nicely timed career break for you both and make the most of not having to worry about the investment market or lack of it.. saying that it is apparently coming back. Not that I'm in the investment market any more. What is Mafia Island like? It's meant to be amazing. When I was about 18 I went to a Frontier presentation and they were sending people to Mafia Island to basically count fish, as there was so much dynamite fishing going on. But I seem to recall you had to raise £3K which is a lot when you are 18... It never happened, but I have always wanted to go diving there ever since. So make sure you go diving there if you get a chance. Enjoy the rest of your hol's. Kind regards Greg
9th January 2010

Hi James n Rachel
Hey james you lazy sod,you'd go anywhere to get out of work.....while you're sunning yourself in africa we're snowed in here!! seriously we all secretly admire the both of you for getting off your arses and doing something worthwhile for the world...i'll just carry on helping to rid the world of that nasty tasting beer!!!! Hope you and rachel enjoy the rest of your trip and when you get back we'll have a beer or two together. cheers from brendan, heather, sam and becky that you in picture 239 taking relief after a particularly heavy session? like the shirt!!!
18th January 2010

Senior comment
I am SO proud (and envious) of you both. Really happy for you Rach that you will be able to bring a little education to those unfortunate children. You'll be an brilliant teacher (your true vocation) - they'll derive much pleasure from your input - but not as much satisfaction as you'll experience! Enjoy every minute, both of you! All my love and hugs. Mama xox ( Love the blog - keep it coming!)

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