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Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto August 15th 2019

Die Straße von Arusha bis weit hinter Moshi am Fuß des Kilimanjaros war wieder langsam. Viel Verkehr, viele Dörfer und damit viele Humps - die Bodenwellen, die überall eingebaut sind, um den Verkehr abzubremsen. Sie tun dies sehr effektiv, in Kenia knacken sie problemlos die Stoßdämpfer, hier in Tz sind sie etwas weicher gebaut, aber auch hier fährt man am besten im ersten Gang. Große Sisalplantagen. Abzweigung in die Usambara Berge, 30 km Teerstraße bis Lusotho. Eine vielfältge Berggegend, wasserreich, intensiver Anbau und außerdem die Heimat unseres Usambara Veilchens. Wie immer ein Drama bei der Suche nach dem Quartier. Straßen, die ich mir nicht einmal träumen ließ, dass ich sie fahren würde. Und jetzt muss das einfach sein, es gibt keinen Ausweg. Anfahren auf Sandstraßen an steilen Bergen ist noch die leichteste Übung dabei. Manchmal bin ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto August 15th 2019

Der Tag war ziemlich nach meinem Geschmack, nur das Ende ließ zu wünschen übrig... Zuersst folgte ich den Spuren meiner Vorfahren und suchte die deutschen Häuser. Das ehemalige Bezirksamt wird auch heute noch als Verwaltuungssitz genutzt - eigentlich ist es nicht schwer, die deutschen Bauten ausfindig zu machen. Ich fuhr danach einfach irgendwo hin, zuerst Teerstraße, dann Schotter, irgendwann kam ein Schild: 2 km to the tourist attraction Waterfall. Also bin ich pflichteifrig dort hin. Dort sitzt den ganzen Tag ein junger, gebildeter Biologe und kassiert den Eintritt zum Wasserfall. Wie immer: Tansanier nur Centbeträge, Ausländer 10 US Dollar. Nachdem er mir erzählt hatte, dass es eigentlich nur ein kleiner Wasserfall ist, der über eine Schwelle fälllt, ging ich nicht hin und begann eine Disussion über die horrenden Preise, die Ausländer für "Sehenswürdigkeiten" zahlen m... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto December 9th 2017

What this area is really known for is its hiking. There are numerous day trails one can take as well as hikes that last from three to five days through the Usambara mountains. Looking through Jackson's guest book, it was not surprising to see that almost all of his guests were European - the majority German with a smattering of French, Swiss, English and Belgium. We had to go back over a year to find the last visitor from North America. Jackson's map revealed a path that lead from our lodge to the Irente farm, then up to the Viewpoints before looping back to the lodge. He had distances listed but I was skeptical. Remembering our hikes in Asia, I knew caucasians were always told that routes were somewhat shorter than in reality. Attempting to not ... read more
Yogai Viewpoint
Lunch platter at Irente farm
My Dance floor

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto September 22nd 2014

Nakon duge vožnje po zastrašujućim serpentinama krajolik je potpuno prestao izgledati afrički već je puno više podsjećao na Alpe. Lushoto je maleni gradić u dolini okružen planinama. Klima je puno svježija nego u ostatku Tanzanije, a raslinje sačinjava uglavnom tipično alpska crnogorica. Čak je i turistička infrastruktura odlučila igrati na tu kartu pa većina hotela i guesthouseova je izgrađena u alpskom stilu. Iako mi se ponudilo nekoliko vodiča i ponudilo me odvesti na najviše brdo gdje se nalazi vidikovac pod izgovorom da sve vrvi banditima, mjesta u kojoj sam odsjeo, stari Grk koji ovdje živi već 30 godina me uvjerio da mogu potpuno sigurno i prošetati sam. Nije bilo teško pronaći stazu prema vrhu, a hodanje je bilo vrlo ugodno kroz hlad visokih jela i borova. Posebno simpatična su bila mala sela kroz koje staza prolazi ... read more
planine 2
Lushoto djete
Lushoto ja

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto November 15th 2010

Hi we went camping this weekend to Lushoto, in the Usambara mountains. We stayed in Irente Cliff View camping, in the famous Irente Viewpoint. From the viewpoint you see the village of Mazinde almost 1,000 meters below the vast Maasai Plains beyond. Lushoto is a leaf highland town mixes pines and eucalyptus with tea plantations, coffee plantations, banana plantations ando there tropical foliage. Its the main settlement in the Usambara and the base for hiking and trekking. IMPORTANCE OF USAMBARA MOUNTAINS (Lushoto) 1. The Usambara Mountains have several eco-tourism attractions that can be experienced by a variety of means. 2. With a high level of biological, hydrological and meteorological activity, along with a rich social history, the Usambara Mountains are home to many researchers. 3. The East and West Usambara Mountains have substantial endemic, rare and ... read more
on the road to Lushoto (4)
on the road to Lushoto (27)
on the road to Lushoto (28)

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto July 12th 2010

Dear Readers, In 1 month we will be classified as RPVCs. "R" means returned (or in our case, maybe retired). There are times during our residency here that time passed clowly...and there are times when it seemed as if it was a blur. Two years is a long time, but we will have been away from home June 6, 2008 until Sept. 19, 2010. Naturally we have been doing the culturally appropriate "kwa heri" as that means good-bye when you probably won't see them again. It's difficult because these faces, once unknown to us, have names, families, lives, and hopes for the future...just like we arrived with. Now we are friends and have shared these past 2 years together...discovering much about each other and much about ourselves. And, now it's "kwa heri" and not the usual ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto May 7th 2010

Birthdays are very special days...especially when you have never had one in your 21 years. We just provided a birthday cake (2 layered yellow cake with chocolate frosting) for our friend Stefano who turned 22. Even without a birth certificate, he knew the date but had never celebrated the event. So, true to our PC mission of bringing a taste of American culture to TZ, we supplied him with The Works, complete with candles and song. He was so appreciative. But, then Samwel who had joined us for lunch & cake (can't do ice cream) said "I have an April Birthday, too." TZ don't understand our humor as I said, "Yes, sure, you just want cake."But, I love baking on our charcoal jiko 1 layer at a time, so I agreed and we set it ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto March 12th 2010

Hello from Malindi, Yesterday was a very positive, uplifting day as far as work in our primary role as Health Volunteers. We took 10 Mtumbi Secondary Students in Form 4, who have been studying HIV/AIDS, to a local primary school. We had set it up ahead of time with the Head Teacher and knew we had permission to talk about condoms to Standard 6 and 7 students. Standard 6 had over 100 and Standard 7 was about 70. Could we do it? YES, of course, with the help of our Peer Teachers who were in our Life Skills Club. The Peer Group had done their research and used the many reference books from PEPFAR and Peace Corps. They rehearsed, assigned topics and grouped themselves into 2 groups for the 2 hour session. No, they did not ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto February 26th 2010

It can be discouraging when you witness just how much there needs to be done and then where to begin, but sprinkled into the mix are moments when you see first hand that things are being done...and by Tanzanians. The Usambara Sisters, a TZ RC religious order, do many great things. They are very active in our area with providing schools, hostels, vocational training, spiritual guidance, and now micro financing. We were among 120 village women when they received their certificates (very important to TZ) and their first bank book. They havean incoming-generating project of growing pine seedlings which will encourage more tree planting and help the earth - one tree at a time. This project is being done on St. Theresa's church property with access to water and the road and walking distance to ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Lushoto January 15th 2010

Dear Friends, Happy New Year from far away in miles, but close in our hearts. Our 2 weeks of traveling is over and we are so happy to be back at our home site. Time is running quickly and there is so much more to be done before we depart in August 2010. This blog is really about how you can get involved from home. Dave has submitted a Participatory Grant through Peace Corps and it just went on line this week. We thought you might be interested in this local project in our village of Maringo. The Malindi Ward's Dispensary needs power to help the villagers in a 7 village area. For more information go to www.peacecorps/contribute and when prompted enter Banks. You can read his description of the project on line and if you ... read more

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