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February 18th 2015
Published: February 18th 2015
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The Four NursesThe Four NursesThe Four Nurses

Mel, Bekah, Hannah and Tiffany - four of the TLC nurses we worked with on this trip.
February 18, 2015 (Ntfonjeni, Swaziland) TLC has four nurses that make a deep impact on empowering the Swazi people in the organization and enable a lot of what happens in the rural outreaches. The senior (if 30sh is senior) is Rebekah. A former labor and delivery nurse in Kentucky, Bekah has been in Swaziland a little over three years now and considers it home. She is talented, meticulous, systematic and tireless in achieving workflows and system-based approaches – especially focused on the surgical programs. Bekah will coordinate this team of nurses and Swazi’s to help develop eye surgery services that eventually evolve on the campus. Her focus is detailed execution and training.

Melody (Mel) is the logistics queen. Aside from her nursing responsibilities in the male circumcision (MC) program, she coordinates and oversees the assignment of tasks that make the morning roll out and start up possible. As her name implies, she also sings in the church worship team ensemble. She’s from Iowa and too considers herself a lifer here in Swaziland. Focus is logistics, and fun in the group.

Tiffany is a former military emergency room nurse from Missouri that brings her experience to Swaziland. She started with TLC as a volunteer managing the organizations donor database and continues to do so. She’s been in Swaziland for about three years. She is a strong leader and executes and follows up well on projects, moving them along effectively. And, she has a sweet golf swing.

Hannah is from Dayton, OH and is the youngest, newest addition to the nursing quad. She is a Myers-Briggs INFJ…that is the protector, wisely aware of people’s feelings and makes sure they are heard or felt. Aside from her nursing duties in the surgical unit, she is also responsible for gathering and insuring the quality of their statistics gathering used to report to the government and granting agencies. Focus is statistics and quality systems. She likes checking off lists!

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19th February 2015
Mel Explains Logistics to Jeff

Missed you all!
Missed you all at Swaziland! Still can not forget the great time I had with you all last year working with the Swazi people! Greeting from Island of Kauai. Keep up the great work, team! Please sent my best regard to the Pons Blessing, Paul Chen

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