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Around 7am the next morning I was picked up out the front of the Durban Hostel by a couple in a van who delivered me to the backpacker centre in St Lucia - the trip was quite pleasant and St Lucia appeared to be a nice little holiday town with a fast food restaurant just down the street. I left my bag in the hostel and went and got some lunch before returning to use the internet while I waited for the bus. Around 3pm we were on our way - soon after crossing the Swazi border we caught a glimpse of giraffe through the trees so the driver stopped to allow us to take some photos. Late in the day the Baz Bus delivered me to a drop off point just a few kilometres from ... read more
Giraffes along the roadside
My means of transport so far
Swazi Hostel in the national park

Africa » Swaziland » Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary September 16th 2009

The appeal of a hostel inside a game reserve is too much to resist so I make my way to Sondzela Backpackers inside Mlilwane National Park. Though the sign saying "For international guests only" smacks of an apartheid that seems wholly unnecessary, I see several warthog and an antelope on my short walk from the park gate to the accommodation, which proves to be only a taster for what's to come. The grounds are gorgeous, the main building and swimming pool being the hub of the hostel with rondavels a little further away. A resident ostrich rarely strays far, and a family of warthog put in regular appearances. The hostel is an adjunct to the main camp, a 15 minute walk away and home to more expensive accommodation as well as a shop and restaurant. Tame ... read more
River bank and reflection
Male nyala

Africa » Swaziland » Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary August 23rd 2009

I awoke this morning to the woven arch of my ceiling and the early morning light filtering through the crack under the door. I squatted by the front door, grasped the antelope horn and slid the door sideways. The cool morning air hit me and I looked at the circle of beehive huts that are to be my home village for the next couple of days. I soon retreated into the warmth of my hut and wondered whether my companions were yet up for the day. I busied myself with making tea and taking a shower and dosing my now truly awful flu bug with the African equivalent of lemsips. I couldn't hear any noises coming from the neighbouring hut and pondered whether I could go for breakfast alone. I decided everyone here seems to speak ... read more
Happy horse
Horse riding
View from horseback

Africa » Swaziland » Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary February 27th 2009

Nach der Safari ging es sofort weiter nach Swaziland. Dort wohnten wir mitten im Nationalpark. An unserem ersten Tag haben wir eine 4 stuendige Trekkingsafari unternommen. Puuhhh!!! Dafuer haben wir ein riesiges Krokodil gesehen, und ein paar Aeffchen und Zebras und und und... Obwohl gar keine Sonne da war und wir uns meistens durch den dichten Dschungel schlagen mussten haben wir beide etwas Sonnenbrand bekommen. Aber mittlerweile ist das schon braun :) Am naechsten Tag haben wir es dann etwas komfortabler versucht und sind auf Pferden durch den Nationalpark geritten. An unserem Hostel gab es direkt am Pool hin und wieder einen Strauss und Wildschweine. Am Abend gab es dann fuer den kulturellen Anteil noch einen Zulutanz, bevor es dann am naechsten Tag weiter ging nach Durban... ... read more

Swaziland is a beautiful country and one of the few remaining true Kingdoms in the World. We had a relaxing 2 nights at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. It's very different scenery than what we've been through recently and in many ways it reminded us a little of home with the mountains and all. Since there are no predators in the park we were allowed to roam freely and enjoy the wildlife on foot. It was just a nice relaxing time and we were able to have a little time off the truck to ourselves.... read more

Africa » Swaziland » Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary December 3rd 2007

Out of the 47 countries in the world which I have visited, the tiny Kingdom of Swaziland has to rate in my top 5. It is a fascinating mix of relatively wealthy whites and a few middle class blacks, and many fairly poor blacks and feels very friendly and relaxed. It is green and very beautiful and has influences from South Africa in its lifestyle and supermarket culture. It feels quite wealthy after countries such as Malawi. Unfortunately up to 40% of its population is reported to be HIV positive but in spite of this horrendous statistic and a very low average life expectancy, most Swazilanders seems cheerful, optimistic and friendly. Tom and I stayed at a great backpacker hostel called Legends which was very friendly and welcoming. We hired bicycles and cycled a fair old ... read more
Bicycle Safari
King Mswati lll
A New Loyal Subject

We'd left the hostel at Hluhluwe early in the afternoon, crossed the boarded into Swaziland and by nightfall arrived at the hostel - a few km off the 'main' road, down a bumpy unsealed track and seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The hostel I stayed at, Sondzela Backpackers, is within the Mlilwane wildlife reserve itself and turned out to be one of my favourites - located in a beautiful, tranquil setting everyone here was really friendly, and for a small additional cost you get a great meal each night (including a veggie option!!), cooked by the staff outside over an open fire!! I spent a great few evenings here sat round the bonfire, drinking beer, chatting to random people and generally chilling out - by day though there was lots of exploring to do. Unlike ... read more
You're blocking my path! Impala, Milwane
Walking through Mlilwane wildlife park
Mlilwane wildlife park

Blog Update You may have been wondering why we haven't published any blogs for the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the Travel Blog website crashed and resulted in the loss of thousands of people's entries, including ours. We are trying to retrieve our old entries, without a huge amount of success, but in the meantime our priority is to get the new entries published so you can see what we've been upto. Hopefully we will be able to recover our old entries, but for the time being, you won't be able to see them on our blog. Journey to Swaziland Set off for Swaziland, which Paul (our friendly host at the backpackers) said would take around 3.5 hours on good roads. Yeah, maybe if you go the easy way! Lesson One: always familiarise yourself with the ... read more
Hippo Island
Jase & The Hippos

Stayed on the sanctuary and spent the days hiking and horseback riding.... read more
Trekking up to the mountains
My kudu buddy
Sepia scenery

The kingdom of Swaziland is a little jewel in the crown of southern Africa. This small country has a long tradition of kings ruling the country from the Ezulwini valley, and gained independence from Britain in 1968. The original constitution was largely modeled on the English system, however it has subsequently been abolished, and the king now rules Swaziland as an absolute monarch. The famous reed dance is an annual ceremony where the king chooses a new young bride from the naked girls who dance before him. Swaziland is surrounded by South Africa, and the border with Mozambique to the east. A visit to the kingdom provides a relaxed and modern stopover for visitors to southern Africa, where travellers enjoy a warm welcome from the friendly locals. The last journal left off in Maputo, dear reader, ... read more
Antelope in the game reserve
On the game reserve
Chilling out, Mlilwane nature reserve

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