Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Published: March 18th 2012
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We spent lunch and the afternoon and early evening at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. A few of us took an open air LandRover tour of the park to see ample zebra, impala, antelope, wildebeast, monkeys and a hippo. Amazing vistas of the hills and valleys here in Swaziland - strikingly beautiful. The weather was very pleasant so the animals were out in force and it was comfortable for us. Mostly pictures tell the story.

Additional photos below
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The Main LodgeThe Main Lodge
The Main Lodge

We had a nice dinner here - impala meat.
Guest HutsGuest Huts
Guest Huts

They call them beehives. These are guest houses for overnight stays in the park.
Hot SpringsHot Springs
Hot Springs

Where the crocodiles like to hang out.

From in front and behind.
Zebra Facial PatternZebra Facial Pattern
Zebra Facial Pattern

Like a fingerprint, each one is unique.

...that a hippo has been here.
Wildebeast and ZebraWildebeast and Zebra
Wildebeast and Zebra

They are seen together for 2 reasons: zebras eat tall grass, wildebeests like short grass; wildebeests have good sense of smell, zebras have good hearing and sight. They commingle for safety.
Crocodile NestCrocodile Nest
Crocodile Nest


18th March 2012

Lloyd, My sister-in-law currently lives in Mozambiaque and travels to Swaziland every so often. Her stories and pictures of safaris are amazing. The people she helps are truly grateful for any assistance as I'm sure you will encounter. I look
25th March 2013

Amazing photos...thanks for sharing.

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