Day 12: Welcome to Swaziland

Published: April 17th 2020
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Welcome to Swaziland

Today we left St. Lucia and started to make our way to Swaziland. At the border because we were Canadian citizens we did not need to get a visa. However, one of the volunteers of the VESA African unearth group from Thailand had difficulty crossing the border because she did not have a visa. Apparently, the VESA leaders asked ahead of time at customs if the VESA volunteer needed to get a visa to Swaziland because she was from Thailand. The VESA leader was told that the volunteer did not need to get a visa to cross the border from South Africa to Swalizand. The volunteer was allowed to cross the border but she would have to go to the embassy in Swaziland to get a visa. We were all relieved because we did not want to see the volunteer get stuck at the border and head back to St. Lucia.

Ezulwini Handcraft Market

In Swaziland we went to the Ezulwini Handcraft Market. A lot of the venders were selling the same things. Renata ended up getting some coasters that we use for drinks in our home.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

We ended up at the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary in the evening where we settled into our rooms. Renata and I were bunking with 10 other people. Tomorrow, the group will be split up with many individuals going off and doing various adventure activities. Some of the VESA group is hiking up a big hill that looks like a steep rock, some people are going caving, some people are white water rafting and one person is horse-back riding. Renata and I decided to stay back and hike the many trails around the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. The activities appeared too adventurous to us. Until tomorrow!


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