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Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane February 26th 2007

Hello! This is my first entry so here goes! Am currently sitting in an internet cafe in Mbabne (the capital) and its RAINING!!! shock horror. still rocking with the flip flops though. So what have I been up to? THe first 4 night (i think) i spent in a place called sondzela backpackers in the milwane game park (north west Swaziland). We left there on Sunday the 11th to head to Shewula, a remote community in the north east of the country. This is where we spent the first 2 weeks, working with the local community renovating a school building in a school for orphans called Majembeni. We were staying in Shewula mountain camp in lovely rondavels (apart from the scorpion spiders under the beds and the trillion tiny ants wasn't so lovely). The view here ... read more

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane December 17th 2006

Phew! I have just travelled from Ezulwini to Mbabane, a seemingly endless journey of only 25 minutes but 25 minutes of pure kombi hell. A kombi is a kind of minibus designed to supposedly seat 14 people, but there was at least 22 people of the one I was travelling, not including babies and baggage and in 35 degree heat and humidity, I'm really not a lady to be reckoned with! I am now enjoying basking in the luxury of air-con in the Internet Cafe trying to figure out how to condense my Swaziland experiences to one journal entry. It's going to be a challenge...advance apologies for excessive detail!!! This week at the NCP has been hectic. It's the week leading up to Xmas so we planned lots of crafts, cake decorations and basically had a ... read more

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane November 10th 2006

Hello from Swaziland! Am having a great time, having met some wonderful people and am very busy working on my volunteer project. As opposed to teaching in a regular school as originally planned, I've moved to a different and in some ways more challenging project. I'm based at the NCP (Neighbourhood Care Point) where there's about 26 orphaned or 'at risk' children aged between 18 months and 18 years! All the children come to the NCP because they can not afford to pay the school fees required at all schools in Swaziland. All are 'at risk' children either because they are orphans or have lost one parent and likely to lose a second soon. There's no real way of telling but taking in account their backgrounds, maybe about 80% of the children are HIV+. I still ... read more

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane June 27th 2006

Having arrived in Mbabane I decided to take a taxi to the backpackers as I had no idea how far it was and I was pretty exhausted having been travelling since the previous day. I waited patiently while the taxi drivers argued about who was going to take me and made it to the hostel with plenty of time to put up my tent before dark. I then decided to go out for dinner. I was so determined to find local food, so I asked the Swazi lady working at the hostel where to go. She told me that the best place for me to find food would be the mall. So off I went to the mall to find KFC, a pie shop, Kowloon Take Away and an Italian. Pretty disappointing stuff. I opted for ... read more
The Hostel in Mbabane

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane April 8th 2006

Well we're writing this 7 months in arrear, but realise there's no picture's of swaziland on google!! am writing this with my sister, who's husband is swazi. we've been there for a total of 5 weeks during the past 2 years with their twin boys - 2 and a half as we write. i have to say if you're travelling in southern africa and have a chance to, visit swaziland! it's the most breathtakingly beautiful landscape, and if you feel in anyway unsafe in south africa (where amy had her wallet stolen - but we loved despite that!), you won't feel that way here! sd (swaziland to the locals) has a wealth of game reserves and wildlife reserves that are far better value and have easier access than those over the south african border. aside from ... read more
hlana game reserve
my mother in law's view from her house!

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane May 2nd 2005

Really got moving on interviews. Met and shot Bogani--very intelligent and perceptive. Then lunch at Nando's and interviews at Tum George Hotel with Petros. Then 3 generations of AIDS victims. Talked to Lynne. She's okay with me being gone longer. ... read more

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane May 1st 2005

Up early and off for Swaziland. Deano drove first. The scenery is pretty at times, getting better as we head east. We count 6 to 7 power plants along the way. Drive goes smoothly, and I take over as we enter Swaziland. We get to the Mt. Inn and meet Magugu, Donna, Kevin, and Willard. Kevin's interview happens next, we have lots of sound issues but all goes well. Jim is very pleased. he decides that we will not go back to Joberg to shoot, but stay in Swaziland the whole time. The project is suddenly a lot about the AIDS situation in Swaziland, not all of Africa. Shortly later, Jim says he wants to stay an extra week and shoot everything for the longer form doc too. So, within 24 hours the whole project ... read more
on the road

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane May 4th 2003

Mbabane was a quick stop since there didn't seem much to do there and the next day (after walking around town for the afternoon and watching some Champions League in the evening at a local bar) we caught a combi to Joburg (Johannesburg). On the combi we met a lovely, beautiful girl from Botswana who was studying in Durban and chatted to her for most of the way. That was very interesting. Arriving in Joburg we walked to another bus terminal through a large market and caught another combi to Pretoria. ... read more

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