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August 24th 2015
Published: August 24th 2015
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The Luke Commission Miracle Campus (Aug 24, 2015) - I had an adventurous trip to Swaziland via Johannesburg. Delta's flight 200 was almost exactly 15 hours and 100%!o(MISSING)ccupied...yes every seat filled. The issue with that is that one seat (unknown to the flight attendants) wouldn't recline...yup 40G - my seat. The button has been pushed into the armrest, so all that was left was a hole. All the flight attendants were quite concerned, maintenance on the ground was called, but fix! 😞 So by the time we landed I was a bit uncomfortable - but happy to have made it! The visa lines were particularly long and took almost an hour to get through the immigration process, but since the flight arrived a bit early, timing with the ground team meeting me was perfect. Shortly after I got out to the main terminal my ride arrived and we headed straight for the border. We had a five hour drive and had to make the border by 10 PM. We hit some areas of dense fog and heavy downpours, but made it by 9:15 pm, cleared the South Africa side and then entry into Swaziland - no issues. At that time of night there were few people lining up as well! By 11:00 I was in bed and up at 6 am for a walk in the cool morning, met up with our surgeon (Dr. Glenn Strauss) and his wife Kim for a cup of coffee and were picked up at 7:30. At 8:00 am the campus gets together for an inspirational meeting, which was particularly poignant this morning given the impact of this new program. It really was an impressive group. Unknown to me, one of the key sponsors of the program (CBM Canada ) was here as well. Their Executive Director (Mr. Ed Epp) was here with his team - again as part of the momentous occasion this is for the country. Patients are lining up, final adjustments are being made to the operating suite, and we should be doing our first cases this afternoon! Exciting times...more soon!


24th August 2015

So good to hear!
Lloyd, I live somewhat vicariously through your travels and adventures! Great to hear of the positive impact your knowledge and skill will bring to so many, one person at a time. May God add his blessing to every surgery you do. We look forward to hearing more.
24th August 2015

We have supported CBM for many years . Greet Ed Epp from us and tell him you are our son. We are very excited together with you with what is happening in Swaziland.
21st September 2015

Sounds horrible :( Sorry you had a bad experience with that 15 hour flight!

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