AIDS Task Force Visits (Dr. Hobbs)

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March 19th 2012
Published: March 19th 2012
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I think the visits with the HIV task-force stir-up strong emotions in everybody. Initially, I feel sad for those I saw. Instrospectively, I feel guilty for living a quality of life that most in the world only dream of and not doing more. It was painful to see what once was a vibrant 23 year old mother relegated to a foam pad on the family room floor due to weakness. She is getting her AIDS medications and TB medications and I believe she is taking them. I think if she could just get proper nourishment she would be in a much better state. Sad to think that her body is left with the tremendous burden of fighting these diseases and without adequate nourishment to do so. It's very humbling to participate in her care. Her Grandma cried when we arrived with meager food rations, but she was too weak to respond. Ron Hobbs, M.D.


19th March 2012

Sad stories
Hi Lloyd, Your heart must be aching to see people suffer so and on top of that lack food. We are so grateful the task force is out there to help and we are praying for you. We also trust you will all stay well. The pictures show a beautiful country and lovely people. God bless you. Love, Mom

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