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April 17th 2018
Published: April 17th 2018
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We broke off into groups and did a variety of tasks. Our 4 electricians went out and put in a new transformer. Surprised by the voltage - was supposed to be 380 coming in but it was 430. Apparently that’s not a good thing 😊 And so have some other work to do.

Michele worked in the kitchen - made us homemade pasta for lunch.

2 of the guys went up to start building a playground template so that they can sell playgrounds to other communities as a new adventure.

4 of us went down to the preprimary school that needs painting. But first some scrubbing needs to happen. Not an easy task to differentiate where the dirt ends and the clay brick begins.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon playing with the kids. Broke them into 3 groups and rotated through stations - 1 soccer, 1 giant parachute, 1 with active games. So much fun, play and laughter!

Off to our meeting about our tour day tmrw, then BBQ supper! Will try to get some pictures up tmrw.


17th April 2018

Go Lorri
Thanks for updates would be amazing to see. How is the weather ?? Surviving the heat?
18th April 2018

The weather here is almost like Jasper in late summer, early fall. Great during the day and cold at night. Needed more sweaters actually! Lol

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