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Africa » Sudan » North » Karima February 17th 2012

We got an early morning bus to Karima. Unlike our previous journeys, this was a proper coach with air conditioning. Although, with blaring loud Sudanese music. The journey was only 2 hours and we arrived in Karima at around lunchtime. I immediately preferred Karima to the other places in Sudan we had been. It is much more of a sleepy, dusty town with all the buildings painted in white and bright colours. The people were also exceptionally friendly to us. We checked in at Al Nasser Hotel and like Dongola, were required to register our stay at the police station. This was done easily enough, even if we woke up the official who was asleep on a bed in his office. We then went to check out the site of Jebel Barkal, close to the town. ... read more
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Africa » Sudan » North » Karima December 13th 2009

I wake bright and early at 3am for my ferry trip across the border to Wadi Halfa in Sudan. Wait! 3am?! That's not right! My hostel roommate is taking a tour to see Abu Simbel (four hours south of Aswan) so the proprietor and his goons are hammering on our door as a wake-up call. Shouting does not make the pounding desist and even after we open the door they merrily move onto the next poor guest's room and recommence the bludgeoning, as if everyone wasn't awake already. Room by room, floor by floor this continues. After getting a couple of hours more sleep I catch an early train to the ferry port. I am heartened by one of my final interactions with locals when two men briefly stop to chat and offer me bread and ... read more
Abu Simbel

Africa » Sudan » North » Karima March 4th 2009

I reach Karima from Dongola on an entirely paved road but then spend half an hour tramping around trying to find a lokonda. My first option is, unbelievably, full but they direct me towards a second. It doesn't look great - the dorm is cramped, I only need to touch the mattress for dust to rise from it, the look and smell of the loos make me want to close my eyes AND nose when using them, and two backpacks indicate the presence of other foreigners - but I'm assuming it's the second best in town so I take it. I later add cockroaches, mice and mosquitos to its list of cons, but a shower cubicle with water of a pleasant sun-warmed temperature is a large pro. The town has a couple of remarkable features. One ... read more
Pyramids at sunset

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