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Africa » Sudan » East » Gallabat December 12th 2010

So, after three weeks of travelling through Sudan, it's time to head to Ethiopia. I'm a couple of weeks behind on the blog, and I'll try to catch up when I can, but here's a breif glimpse into the last few weeks. Although Sudan neighbours Egypt, there's a massive contrast between the two countries. For a start, it's a whole lot more relaxed this side of the border - shouting Egyptians, in your face, often after your dollar, replaced by softly spoken Sudanese, with a smile here, and a handshake there. Sudan doesn't really do big sights, attractions, or photo opportunities either, at least not compared to north of the border. Instead, the best part for me has the reception we've received from the locals. Whereas Egypt will take your breathe away, Sudan will win your ... read more
Begrawiya pyramids
Tea time
Sufi shrine

Africa » Sudan » East » Gallabat April 6th 2007

We left early in the morning and tried to cross the border on the 6th.. Previously, crossing the border usually will have to take 2 days.. 1 day's drive from khartoum to gadaref.. and another day's drive from gadaref to gallabat (sudan's border town), cross into Metema (ethiopian side) and then drive to Gonder.. The road from Gadaref to Gallabat is now tarred.. so that makes travelling much easier.. The journey to the border was still hot.. but as we near the border, we start to see some trees.. then taller trees.. and the architecture of the building changed from the Sudanese square buildings to the more Ethiopian round huts.. we arrived at Gallabat at 4pm.. but the customs office for vehicle is closed.. the officer supposed was at home.. so they have to call ... read more
Morning coffee at Sunrise
Agricultural Planes
Last glimpses of Sudanese Architecture

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