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May 12th 2015
Published: May 14th 2015
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Quite a lot's been said about South Africa and the state of crime, poverty and inequality over the years. I don't intend to make a critique of this issue in this blog post since there are many wonderful things to celebrate and highlight in South Africa but it would be unfair of me not to at touch on the current state of affairs before I go on with my little tour. Certainly the Rand has weakened c... Read Full Entry

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China Mall, DurbanChina Mall, Durban
China Mall, Durban

Interior of one of the China Malls in Durban. The Mall is actually an older Art Deco building of which Durban has many (2nd only to Miami).

14th May 2015
Madiba and me, Union Buildings.

The State of the Nation
What a contrast of affluence and poverty, safe and unsafe...yet its known as the Rainbow Nation. Fascinating insights Leo. My memories are of manicured hills with slums creeping down...shopping centres without power as the power lines had been stolen...the largest exporter of copper in Africa we were told yet they don't mine copper...areas where you don't stop for fear of car-jackings. You look happy in this pic. How safe did you feel wandering the streets?
14th May 2015
Madiba and me, Union Buildings.

Yes indeed
Is South Africa a dangerous place? As with so many things in this diverse country it depends on the circumstances. Using one's common sense do not walk the streets outside of the many malls and shopping centres flaunting your wealth, especially after dark. There are also no-go areas as a European or probably anyone else who most likely does not 'fit in'. I was once mugged, years ago, near Johannesburg Park station wandering around pretty aimlessly near the taxi rank looking for a cheap ride back to the suburbs. That was not very clever of me. The stats on crime do not make happy reading but one has to also remember that much it goes on in the townships where alcohol, unemployment and drugs abuse is a problem. That said I felt at ease with a guide on a tour of one such township and I walked again near Park Street, in daylight this time, without any hindrance...
16th May 2015

South Africa
Great blog. Loved reading your perspective. As you say this area is diverse. The architecture sounds great.
26th May 2015

Thanks for the feedback
Very much appreciate the supportive comment. Thank you.

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