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July 8th 2014
Published: July 11th 2014
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The last four days here have been jam packed I've barely had time to write them up. I think they're trying to make sure we've done every activity at least once. I've added in the activity list below and hopefully haven't missed anything.

Game drive
Game count and track
Preparation for game capture
Feeding the predators
Fence patrol
Bridge building
Removal of alien vegetation
Road clearing
Road repair
Perimeter tours
Elephant sanctuary
Wilderness treks
Snare removal
Fence removal
Dawn drive
Night drive
Fence repairs
Afternoon sports
Monday morning saw us doing the very tedious job of moving plants in the nursery from a shaded area to a sunny area. Fascinating work I know. Mid morning out task was the removal of alien trees and in true zazu fashion we turned this into poison peach warfare! Where we filled out pockets with fruit ammo and proceeded to hunt the other group through the bush. I should explain that zazu is the name of our group. It was originally me, Sami, Laura, Tom, Shanice, Dan, Ella, Callum, Becky and Katie but our numbers have dwindled massively.
On Wednesday there was a meerkat related incident with Sami. She has visited them most days since being here and adores them. Unbeknownst to me today milo, the male meerkat, had taken offence to Sami's affections and launched himself, teeth first at her chin. Her cries interrupted from my pony cuddles with cookie and rolo and it's safe to say i wasn't impressed as I thought she wanted to show me the latest cute meerkat photo. After realising that it wasn't a joke I gave her sympathy for all of ten minutes before laughing hysterically at the situation.
Thursday we rewarded ourself with a lie in until breakfast at half 9. Following breakfast me and Sami managed to wrangle our way onto the elephant sanctuary trip. This time was slightly different to the others times as we were allowed to track the elephants to there field and then interact with them up close. A lot of selfies were taken. The usual elephant ride was next but again with a difference as me and Sami persuaded the trainers to take us on an extra long walk as it was out last visit. Marula ( the elephant I was on) didn't approve of this plan and dug her heels in the entire way round. I discovered the me and marula were very similar as i too dislike long walks and also get grumpy when not fed on time. Sami however found similarities with mujamba who will literally do anything for food.
Friday involved a 6am start for a dawn drive. Typically people were late this delaying our drive but it didn't affect us massively. Me, Bree and Camilla sat on the back row with me swaddled in blankets like a granny which lead to a two hour long piss take by Bree. For the third time this trip our group has been in the trick that broke down. The rangers think we're cursed and are probably secretly glad we're leaving tomorrow.
We're being treated tonight to a meal in the 5* hotel restaurant before the goodbye campfire.
The dancers we had after tea tonight were amazing! They were from ncloser and Zulu origin.
We really don't want to leave tomorrow and dan and Ella don't want us to leave either and keep sitting by us packing telling us to stop and just stay here. I wish we could, although I am very excited for my first tea at home.


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