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October 11th 2018
Published: October 11th 2018
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Our last day at Kruger and we are heading north in the park and then out towards Botswana. As we go north there is less and less traffic. The weather is hot and dry. I have been sampling all the South African wines and Mark has been checking out the local beers and electrified fences around the campgrounds ( Shocking experience putting up remote camera). For me the highlights of Kruger were the giraffes and elephants And Mark is always vibrating from the washboard roads. We did see the Big 5!

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11th October 2018

The Big 5
Wow, so lucky to have seen the big 5 already!
12th October 2018

re: The Big 5
It was never a goal to see the Big 5 but a nice surprise to see them all on the first day. There are so many birds and animals to view. we are loving it
12th October 2018

Great photos! Keep them coming :) How far away from the wildlife were you? This first one of the giraffe is particularly good!
12th October 2018

Close enough
in Kruger you are not allowed to leave your vehicle no matter what. it varied as to gow close we were sometimes 20 feet. On our sunset safari the lions weee right beside us.
12th October 2018

I'm happy you're enjoying all of it. Sometimes people get caught up in seeing the big 5 and forget about the rest :). Kruger is definitely a special place
14th October 2018

You truly have some framers here.
15th October 2018

Amazing pictures,wow. Stay safe and will be looking for the next entry.

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