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August 28th 2019
Published: August 28th 2019
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Cats, monkeys and birds. That’s what we went to see today. Three separate, beautiful animal sanctuaries. They take in rescued animals from all over the world. Our guide, Melody, at Jukani, the big cat sanctuary, called it a posh retirement community for animals where they are spoiled (by getting food regularly) and taken care of.
At Jukani we saw Siberian tigers, White Bengal tigers, lions and lionesses, cheetahs, pumas, and a few other types of cats.
Monkeyland, had many species of monkeys freely jumping through the canopy of trees. Spider, Howler, Capuchin, Indian, Squirrel, Bushtail, Vervet, Gibon, Ringtail lemurs, Black and white ruffed lemur.
We walked over a suspension bridge, 128 meters long, 20 meters high, on top of the trees and were told not to wear glasses, or have our phones out because it’s a “high crime zone for kleptomaniac Vervet monkeys”.
It was wonderful to be so close to the monkeys. They brought out bananas while we were there and we got a whole show of monkeys running, jumping and grabbing bananas and climbing up the trees to eat them. Some grabbed as many as three at one time in three different “hands” with one hand free to peel them.
The Birds of Eden sanctuary was like The Garden of Eden with all the beautiful birds flying around. I don’t know all the names but there were different types of parrots, ducks, swans, flamingos, pheasants, and many other gorgeous and colorful birds.
It was a more relaxed day, although with a lot of walking, and a perfect way to end our wonderful trip.
Some facts we learned today:
(-White bengal - 70% blind, mutation of blue eyes. I think that’s only the one they have, not all Bengal tigers).
-Zebra- black skin and then white stripes on top.
-No such thing as a panther. They are black leopards or jaguars depending on where they’re from.
-Cheetahs- black tear drops to deflect sun,
Nocturnal have white lines under eyes to reflect the moon light
-Besides apes, baboons, monkeys all animals are color blind or see only certain colors.
-Cougar and puma are the same animal. No such thing as a black one.
-The loudest animal- blue whale, the the howler monkey.
-Fastest animal is the Paragon Falcon, and then theGolden eagle.
-If a male lion gets sterilized he will lose his mane and look like a lioness.

-African- Asia monkeys- have straight tails, carry babies on belly.
-South American monkeys have a curled tail and hang from trees, carry babies on back.
-Gibon is an ape. It swings- doesn’t jump, no tail.

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