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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness April 5th 2017

How could I not like a place called Wilderness! This is a really nice village on the coast, part of the Garden Route. I got here a few days ago, after another day on the road from Mossel Bay. It was another nice day, with a variety of landscape, one really long hill where a local guy at the top called me "my love", and more farmlands. Thinking I was going to save time and effort, I went straight down the main road to Wilderness, but I realized today that this was a mistake. There was a much, much nicer road, which I cycled today. But I was happy to get to Wilderness, which reminds me of Banff but with the ocean instead of the mountains! I was happy to have the option to sleep in ... read more
it was so hot I started seeing pink elephants
flat road and sunny sky
isn't that beautiful?

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness September 26th 2015

I suspect that the reason most people stay in Sedgefield is not for the town itself but it's surrounding area. Sandwiched as it is between the Coast on one side and mountains and forest on the other, it is a great base to explore the beauty of nature. We have taken a few trips so far to visit local beauty spots and I have loved getting to know the area. Hopefully this account which blends these trips will give an idea of the beauty of the area. Swartvlei If you head towards George on the N2 you will pass Timberlake, a small complex of gift shops and cafés. It is worth stopping for a cup of coffee, and free wifi, but there isn't much there to detain you. Not far beyond Timberland is a turn off ... read more
The Karatara River
Drosera - Carniverous Plants

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness February 19th 2015

Thursday 19th February 2105 - The Wilderness Our next destination was an area called The Wilderness where we had booked into a rather nice old game type lodge called Portland Manor. To get there we travelled along the infamous "Garden route" which was certainly green and lush compared to the rest of Africa. We also came across some excellent beaches and near to one beach we stopped to share some time and thoughts with a local guy who cycled, by hand as his legs were paralysed. ( you have never seen so many ingenious ways of repairing punctures. He had used fishing line to tie a knot around the holes - amazingly most worked. We gladly gave up our puncture repair kit and some money's to help him get sorted out. Laughing along the way as ... read more
The gates to 'our manor' that eventually opened!
Around the estate
Water skiing lake!!?? I think not.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness December 6th 2014

This weeks blog is going to be a bit different, it's not going to be about our travels, there is no mention of dolphins, whales or how good the restaurants are. I am being reflective and mushy and am going to tell you a little story (sure somebody famous coined that phrase!)Today it is 12 years ago since I first met Baz. We met one fateful evening in the Ship in Lytham, me with all my friends and he with his Frec buddies. I would like to say our eyes met across a crowded dance floor but that would just be ridiculous. Anyway meet we did and spent the evening chatting, his buddies left and went back to Frec for a Chinese and Baz stopped and we spent the rest of the evening deep in conversation. ... read more
Beach at Wilderniss
Just chillin
River that we have canoed down

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness November 21st 2014

In Wilderness we chose to stay at the "Beach House", that many backpackers had adviced us. The backpacker is situated in front of the beach, which gave us a beautiful view on the sea from our bed. Unfortunately, sleeping with 20 people in one dorm and having only one shower for so many people, wasn't for us worth the view. Therefore, we changed the next day to the "Fairy Knowe" backpacker, who is situated a bit farther from the beach, but next to the Wilderness National Park. A campaign French style house with a very welcoming crazy English owner. It was also the first time, we had the opportunity to borrow bicycles, which we used a lot during our stay there. Wilderness is jam-packed with activities. One of the activities we prefered was the beautiful hike ... read more
View from our bed at Beach House backpackers
View from the Beach House backpackers
View from the Beach House backpackers

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness April 10th 2011

Well excuse me speaking with my mouth full. Cyclops is a guinea fowl with one leg, who lives on the banks of the Touws River in the Ebb and Flow National Park in the shadow of the Outeniqua mountains. His lack of a limb does not worry him too much. He is a seasoned beggar and enormous as guinea fowls go. He also has a very clever looking-after-my-family tactic. Three quarters of the way into consuming the cracker being offered to him by Gogo, his family arrived. All 42 of them; including 11 ever so cute little chicks, but it is the teenagers who take the cake. They lined up in disciplined fashion in front of the car and systematically picked away at the kamikaze moths and insects who had splattered themselves against the car on ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness February 25th 2011

We stayed in a B & B for 3 nights that is owned by friends of Jane in the small coastal town of Wilderness. It overlooks a marsh and a lake. We went on a hike in the nearby mountains and walked a few miles on a beautiful quiet beach a few km away. Cape Agulhas is coming up next............ read more
Typical scene while driving through towns
Xhosa squatter housing next to the town of Knysna
Hiking in the Tsitsikamma Nat'l Forest

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness April 5th 2010

On Thursday Jeff and Cornel came through with a very cunning plan. They both took the day off so we could get away up the Garden Route a day early and beat the Easter traffic out of town. So off we went, north via Stellenbosch then Franschoek and over a mountain pass to the farmland on the other side, called the Overberg. Franschoek is surrounded by mountains and chock full of wineries and quaint white buildings. Quite a french town after the Huguenot (sp.) settlers, whereas a lot of the rest of the area around Stellenbosch is more Dutch in architecture and influence. We'll probably head back this way later on and test the local vintage, not that I'd know what to look for. Over in the Overberg it was dry rolling country and the roads ... read more
Cango Caves
Ride'em Seth

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness March 2nd 2010

Left the winelands to head for the coastal road known as the Garden Route - this is because it is green rather than because there are lots of gardens to visit. The roads (Route 62, N2) are really nice to drive, wide lanes, hardly any traffic and good surface, as such we made really quick progress even if we did try and outsmart the Sat Nav and end up doing a U-turn after a shortcut went wrong! Arrived at Haus Am Strand in Wilderness at lunchtime. We have a little studio apartment right on the beach, we can hear the sea crashing from the sofa as we write this blog. We strolled along the beach and saw hundreds of periwinkles in the surf, they are like little green snails that stick their “foot” out of their ... read more
Our massive apartment
On the pontoon at Wilderness National Park
At the rock pools at the end of the trail

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness November 10th 2009

We got up very early this morning and left Franschhoek at 8am. About 1/2 hour into our drive we (finally) met a family of baboons. We saw 8 adults and a juvenile; they were playing/foraging at the side of the road. Brian pulled over so we could take photos -- but we did not get out of the car (to avoid having our passports stolen by the baboons -- not a joke!) Later on we saw a momma with a tiny baby clinging to her back. We drove for four hours with one main stop (at the "Country Pumpkin") -- and a few shorter stops for views, gasoline, etc. The drive went by very quickly -- the scenery was absolutely magnificent. We drove on Route 60 then Route 62, through several small farming villages. The mountain ... read more
gorgeous scenery
Jacaranda Tree
vegetation becomes more arid

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