Day of Adrenaline: Zip, Suspend, Bungee

Published: August 27th 2019
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An exciting day! We made our way to Tsitsikamma National Park. The terrain is mostly indigenous forest that reaches to the coast of the Indian Ocean.
In the morning we geared up with harnesses and helmets so we can glide atop and across the canopy of trees in the forest, feeling first hand a bit like Tarzan.
There were ten zip lines, the longest being 91 meters. Between each one was a platform high on top of a sturdy, tall tree.
After a light lunch of salad and chips, we went into the park and did a short hike at Storm River Mouth. The path lead us to a suspension bridge over the ocean. It was windy but it was the Strauss monkeys that caused the bridge to shake from side to side.
The day continued with a strong shot of adrenaline when Noam and Rotem bungee jumped off Bloukans Bridge at a height of 216 meters. We had a cappuccino and watched them from the coffee shop. I watched the live video feed of them being shown in the shop while the rest of the family sat on the terrace for front row seats of the fall. It was actually very exciting to watch and the rest of the people in the shop were all excited, too. I turned around, the proud momma, and said “that’s my baby!”
The day ended with a delicious homemade dinner of grilled yellow tail and veggies. I’m enjoying relaxing in front of the fireplace, listening to the rain.

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Where do you come from?Where do you come from?
Where do you come from?

So many Israelis did the zip line!

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