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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert December 23rd 2017

Ajoimme 400 km. Pysähdyttiin puolimatkassa Willowmoressa. Sitä ennen oli 30 km yksikaistaista betonitietä, jossa piti väistää soralle kun joku tuli vastaan. Kahvitauolla piti odottaa omenapiirakkaa kun tarjoilija haki jäätelöä kaupasta kadun toiselta puolelta. Ajoin sitten tunnin verran. Loppumatkasta tiellä makasi ruumis. Ajoimme toki ohi. Teijo rattiin. Ajettiin komeaa solaa pitkin ja pysähdyttiin Prince Albertiin yöksi. Käytiin majapaikan uima-altaassa. Sitten kävelyllä pääkadulla. Oikein kaunis ja rauhallinen pikkukaupunki. Meijeri oli jo mennyt kiinni. Otettiin kuduburgerit. Istuttiin vielä parvekkeella pimeässä.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert September 28th 2015

We woke in Boutique Backpackers having not slept particularly well. We were keen to get moving so we quickly packed and were on our way. We wandered down the street and went into the quaint gift shops. After about an hour we decided we had to be on our way. We got in the car and joined the queue of traffic to leave the town. We were puzzled that there was so much traffic but it turned out a lorry had shed its load and it would take three hours to clean up. Farm Road Not wanting to waste three hours of our day sitting in the car parked outside an ostrich farm at the exit of a tiny town we decided we'd find an alternative route. We turned back towards Oudtshoorn and just outside De ... read more
The Farm Track to Cango Caves
Die Top
Swartberg Pass

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert March 6th 2015

1). The first link is to video footage of the drive atop the SWARTBERG mountains .... THE PASS that rises 1,585 meters into the skies. (Sorry about my finger and the tip of the iPad cover showing in one corner. A hazard of using the iPad is that exactly such little slip ups will happen. ) The first part of the video is at the base of the pass, driving on the dirt road through the rough rocks beside the river bed. The second part was taken near the top of the pass, with the wind howling around as you can hear! The third part is on the descent when we encountered the troop of baboons in the road. ( 2). The OLIVE TASTING experience, that is ...... before I tasted the olive :) ( 3). ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert March 6th 2015

There were just too many photos from the journey to the Karo. I posted the first set of them last night with the blog report and here are the others. I've also got a couple video clips but that could take forever, since I have to put them on my YouTube channel first before I can post the link. Taking up in the photos from where I left off which was in Prince Albert, the town. We went to an olive grove outside of town then continued the journey back home this time taking the highland pass over the Swartberg mountain. Hold on to your seats. We had lunch in Oudtshoorn at Jemimas cafe before I did another tour descending into the Cango Caves, which will be a separate short blog. Here we go........ read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert March 5th 2015

A "poort" is a way through the mountains at the bottom of the valley. A "pass" is a way across the mountains over the top. Prince Albert is our destination. It's Saturday. We plan to journey from Sedgefield after the Farmer's Market via Meiringspoort with a lunch stop at the quaint little town of De Rust, for an overnight stay at the old town of Prince Albert, returning on Sunday via the Swartberg pass with a lunch stop at Oudtshoorn in the ostrich region. This is the Karoo region, dry, barren, mountainous..There is the promise of hot dry days, nights filled with clear starry skies, and olive farms. What more could anyone ask? The drive through the Meiringspoort was spectacular, endless mile after mile after mile of rugged, rocky overhangs that looked as if they would ... read more
Kinda close and kinda loose

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert February 18th 2015

Wednesday 18th February 2015. Oudstshoorn Judith and I really wanted to go on a game drive and view some of Africa's wild animals in their natural habitat. Problem was it costs heaps of money to stay in a game lodge/camp and do the evening and morning game drives: we were lucky, because we found a viable alternative....... The Buffelsdrift safari park, if they didn't have a full in house guest list, allowed 'outsiders' ( us ) to pay a nominal fee and join the morning safari game drive. So at 0545 (true - Judith managed to be up first as buzzing with the prospect of seeing wild animals) we were up and away to the safari park for our guided tour. It was a particularly hot day ( forecast to be 40 degrees ) but we ... read more
Elephants, giraffe, antelope, hippos, and a rhino
Our own balcony over the watering hole
How lucky were we

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert September 7th 2013

Geo: -33.2182, 22.0286In de voormiddag hebben we de Cango caves bezocht, de grotten van Han van Zuid Afrika. ;). De grotten waren heel mooi, vele grote zalen met kristallen, stalagmieten en stalagtieten. Het was zo'n 20gr in de grotten. Dat heeft te maken met het feit dat er maar één ingang is en geen ondergrondse rivier.Nadien reden we door op de legendarische Swartberg Pas. Continu schitterende landschappen. De pas is aangelegd in de 19de eeuw en zo goed mogelijk behouden, het is ook UNESCO werelderfgoed. Er lag dus geen asfalt en de weg was smal met vele haarspeldbochten. Gelukkig reed er niet te veel volk in de andere richting. We zijn onderweg regelmatig gestopt om een fotootje te trekken en om kleine wandelingetjes te doen. Op de middag waren we in Prins Albert, aan de andere ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert January 5th 2013

Geo: -33.2182, 22.0286The Karoo - a vast stretch of land in South Africa, dry and desert-like, almost barren, a sharp contrast to the lush and green Garden Route so popular with us tourists. I've never been to the Australian Outback, but I imagine it would look something similar to the Karoo, which was the backdrop for a long but stunning drive from Knysna, first through the ostrich farms of Oudtshoorn, and then the Meiringspoort Pass, before finally reaching Prince Albert, one of the gateways to this part of South Africa.Vegetation all but disappeared as we climbed up to the pass, until we began our descent down into Prince Albert when magically, we were in a verdant and fertile valley, like an oasis in the middle of the desert. They say that for many South Africans, Prince ... read more
Driving Through the Meiringpoort Pass
Like The Okanagan ...
Sedgefield's Award-Winning Farmers Market ...

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert September 26th 2012

On Friday the 11thofNovember 2011 we drove from Port Elizabeth to Prince Albert. The drive took us 5 hours, with some spectacular views of the passes “Meiringspoort” on the way. We arrived Prince Albert at 4pm unloaded our bags and greeted our friends that we hadn’t seen for ages. After a couple of drinks, we went for supper at one of the top restaurants in Prince Albert “The Swartberg Arms Steak House”. That evening we went to experience the very quiet night life of the small town. One of the pubs names was the “bush pub”, the people were very friendly and welcoming. The next morning we left early and had pancakes for breakfast at the Saturday market in Prince Albert then drove to Oudtshoorn. On our way to Oudtshoorn we stopped at Bergwater winery and ... read more
Bergwater winery
Inside the winery
Cango Caves

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert October 21st 2007

Following the Cango Caves we headed ... 5. to Prince Albert via the Swartberg Pass. We passed over the mountains using this gravel pass. On one side there were fantastic views across the fields and villages, and once over the top, the other side, was a magnificent mountain pass, with beautiful scenery. It is a wonder how on earth it was cut into the mountains - apparently it took a convict labour gang seven years in 1888. 6. Lunch at Prince Albert was special - Victoria Tea Rooms, in a quaint and very quiet, sleepy village, we were the only people about, apparently it was siesta time - well it was 36 degrees I suppose! It was definately worth detouring to stop here! 7. Doubling back, we travelled the Meiringspoort Pass, which was a tarred road, ... read more
Victoria Tea Rooms
Swartberg Pass
Top of Swartberg Pass

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