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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus July 7th 2007

Bright and early this morning (at 5:30 am, to be precise), the group got together to take the buses to Gansbaai to go shark diving. So exciting! The trip down was about a two hour bus ride, during which I attempted to sleep, but Courtney and Kenny entertained us all with mask shenanigans and early 90s sing alongs. Our trusty boat was known as the Barracuda, and after waiting around for a while, we finally launched. The water was kind of choppy, with 6-8 foot swells, and the boat ride out to “shark alley” was pretty fun (if not wet). I managed to get into the first group to go in to the shark cage. After donning a wetsuit (which was fun to get in, let me tell you), I hopped in the cage with ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus May 26th 2007

Yes it is true. First, today we drove to a small village out of Cape Town it took us about 2 1/2 hours. We were really beginning to like Cape town, but there are so many other areas and territory we are covering in South Africa. Our drive was once again, no memorable, we took tons of pics, and little movies. When we got to our small guest house, on cliff st. you can only imagine how set into cliffs, and so beautiful our surroundings are! This place is called whale song lodge, and the reason is because every year the whales ( all different species) make the journey away from Antarctica’s cold water to these warmer waters to mate, from May till Sept. The people here are so used to this that I swear, they ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus April 1st 2007

It’s April fools day and I am up at 5.00am to travel to Kleinbai about 40km east of Hermanus to go out on a Great White cage diving boat. I’m nervously excited as I drive through the dawn to arrive just after 6.00am. We (me and a load of Germans including kids!) were welcomed with a light breakfast before being introduced to the events of the day and provided with oue equipment. It’s really foggy this morning and we arrive at our boat for our 3-4 hours excursion just after 7.00am. After our short 20 minutes trip to an island just offshore colonised with seal the skipper drops anchor just off a kelp bed about 400m offshore. The crew than started to put out a chum trail to lure the sharks into our area. Within ... read more
White Shark
Drink in Hermanus
Saigon restaurant

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus March 31st 2007

Woke up to another beautiful day in Hermanus at the “16 reasons” Guesthouse. SA is having a mini heat wave with temperatures reaching 38 Degrees inland. After a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit and a fry-up we pack our day sack in preparation for our walk. It’s been a while since we’ve done some exercise so today we’ve decided to walk the ocean trail between the old harbour in Hermanus and Grotto beach about 7km east of Hermanus. We set of and wandered down into the old harbour in Hermanus where we wandered around a craft fair (where I buy a hand made hunting knife with a handle made of South African Black wood) and pop into the gallery to pay for the art we purchased earlier in Groot Constantia. After arranging the wire transfer ... read more
Odd animals!
Sea mist
Coastal Trail

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus March 17th 2007

With the water freezing and the sharks not keen on hanging around after sampling the chumming bait. We were not too disappointed at not being able to get in the cage. However, we managed to get a great view of the sharks from the boat due to the water being crystal clear. The most scary part of this trip was when one of the boat engines caught fire just as the sea mist descended, leaving us with an hour of zero visibility & smoke back to the jetty. ... read more
Great White Shark

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus January 2nd 2007

I am having a great time here in Gansbaai!!! Like they say the greatest teacher youl ever have is life and I am learning alot and having fun doing it. A lot of people asked me why Gansbaai?why didnt I just go over to England.Well Ill tell you friend Davidian said it best..."the classroom may be different but the lessons are the same no matter where you are." The friends Ive made here are amazing and I love each and everyone of them. New years I spent at Buitesteen which is the pub where I spend alot of my time.My new friends work there. I work at a geust house at the moment as a personel chef.Crusie job and the moneys pretty good,but I have to confess... I do miss the feeling of a sunday ... read more
Stuck in the middel with you
Het jou
Good morning 2007

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 19th 2006

Colleen who James has been staying with packed us off with everthing we could need for a weeks holiday and we spent Friday night in Hermanus. Picked up Alisa and Anne on route and spent the day watching the whales off the shore. I am an appalling spotter and saw nothing for the first half an hour except a seal and a dassie (little guinea pig type animal) that was sitting on the rock next to me. Was getting a little bored, but it picked up. The Rock was another super place for food and drink Friday last night out with some of the people I've spent a lot of time with over the last two months. A mellow drunkenness where everything made me laugh, should have stopped there as getting up at 6.30 for ... read more
The Rock, Hermanus

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus October 10th 2006

We Survived...........................Sorry about the delay, we've kinda been getting into the proper African lifestyle and have been in the middle of nowhere with no internet so we'll treat u to 2 Blog entries today!! It seems like a lifetime ago now but the Great White Shark experience was one not to be forgotten. The day started at the crack of Dawn where we got picked up from our hostel in Hermanus and headed for a small town called Gaansbai. The journey took about an hour and although we were excited it was like heading down the Green Mile. There was a group of 12 of us who met in a hotel where we had brekkie and an hours presentation about the day ahead of us and obviously we were informed of the strict Safety Guidelines which ... read more
Sunburn and Sea
Poo Ya Pants Time
Keep ya Fingers in the Cage!!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus September 15th 2006

(These pictures are best viewed in full size) ZWELIHLE TOWNSHIP: Beauty and kindness in a world of despair I had a very eye-opening day today and one of the best so far on this trip. I was taken on a tour of the Zwelihle Township by an elder of the community. His name was Willy, a very enigmatic and charismatic soul. He has lived in the township for many many years and takes people through for a number of reasons. One is that it is his only source of income. Two, he believes that knowledge is power and informing white people can help send a message out to the world. Three, I believe, comes from an intense pride of his people and their culture. Everybody needs to be heard and the people of the township really ... read more
Eunice welcoming us into her home
Eunice and Willy's kitchen

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus September 13th 2006

So...... I spent the past two days on a boat with loads of Great White Sharks! Well, the sharks weren't on the boat, just we were. It was fantastic! What a thrill. We arrived in Hermanus, a most beautiful seaside town about and hour and a half outside of Cape Town. My instincts were right that I would absolutely love this place, I just knew it all along. It was so refreshing arriving in Hermanus after spending one cold night in Swellendam, the armpit of South Africa (from my experience anyways). It was so beautiful travelling along the highway when the ocean came back into sight, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We arrived at Hermanus backpackers which was a fantastic hostel. Upon arriving, we saw the three girls from England that we ... read more
Great White Shark
Gansbaii, where Brian works out of
Brian McFarlane

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