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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus June 28th 2008

There be Whales here! Friday, June 27 That’s right - I said it - Whales off the coast of a small town named Hermanus. We were picked up bright and not-so early at 10:00AM from Cape Grace but didn’t manage to meet our driver until about 10:30. The drive to Hermanus was stormy - it rained most of the way and we stopped at a local coffee shop where we had a yummy pizza and carot cake. Getting back onto our wet road we finally arrived at the Birkenhead House to a spectacular home nested just above a huge white beach on a small cliff top. More of a large house than a hotel, there are 11 rooms and guests are encouraged to make themselves feel at home in the common areas. With a raging ... read more
Lunch at Birkenhead
View from Birkenhouse front patio
View left of front patio

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus May 19th 2008

Went cage diving with Great Whites today. Without question one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was a clear day, calm seas, and 13 great whites congregated around our boat. The captain knew each shark by sight, and each had a name. They ranged in size from "Nemo," a nine footer, to a 15 footer whose name I don't recall. They came right up to the cage, but were much calmer than I had expected. For the most part they were swimming slowly and casually, and seemed almost curious. I've attached some video, and will post my underwater photos as soon as I get them developed. The company had a cameraman on board, and at the end of the trip they were selling DVDs for 50$. I broke down and bought one, and ... read more
Lowering the cage
Divers in the cage

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus May 19th 2008

As promised, here are the rest of my shark diving pics. I'm also not sure if the shark diving video actually uploaded, so I'm putting that up again as well. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus May 12th 2008

The sea is deceptively elusive and can only be glimpsed as you reach Hermanus.I am going to write a letter of complaint about this!!!! Hermanus is magnificent,quaint,friendly,charming,pretty,busy yet calm,and surrounded by wine farms,The houses are picture perfect and the homeowners must spend fortunes on white paint each year!!! Hermanus is where we really started drinking and eating like pigs!! Had a wicked to die for breakfast at a place on the old harbor outside the mini flea market,which was quite cool. This is the best whale viewing spot, but since we r out of season, we only got a fin flip or two. Other than this,a few other restaurants/bars and some scenic beach walks,we dind't find much else to do,but we did get in e good fire on the riverfront with marshmallows....yummm!! A notable restaurant is ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus April 14th 2008

It seems that we are being slowly but surely sucked into the Cape Town lifestyle, with the weather still beautiful despite the slow shift into autumn. We have been taking advantage of living so close to the sea front with regular jaunts on the front, as well as just seeing family and friends. Movie Stars The husband of an old university friend of Jan runs an overland trucking company, and as part of his advertising was having an on-line video made. So in order to add some reality to the video they asked us to be extras and be seen on the truck during several of the scenes, and we decided to take Laun with us in order to spend some time with her. Now we never realized quite how boring and time consuming filming could ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 27th 2007

Found a lovely campsite at Onrus which is just outside Hermanus, we set up camp with a front seat view of the ocean, just metres from the crashing waves and hoped that the wind would not blow too hard. Drove straight into Hermanus, we didn't hold out much hope of seeing any whales as we had been hearing that they had been leaving and the bad weather had moved them out of the bay as well. We were rewarded by seing a couple of whales in the bay, not too close and they were moving out but at least we did see them. The following morning we went back to a lovely cafe we had found the night before with huge windows looking right over the bay, ordered a breakfast, Andy went for the mega one ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 16th 2007

Left Cape Town early morning (Friday 16 November) for my first trip with the Baz didnt go so smoothly!! After battling through the rush hour traffic to get out of Cape Town I suddenly realised I had left my Camera battery and charger plugged in back in my dorm room in Cape Town....after begging the driver to go back...making a prat of myself infront of everyone on the bus in the process I was eventually forced to resign myself to the fact that returning to collect it was just not on the cards!!! I later used all my 'travelling wisdom and experience' to get the charger back....namely bribing the driver to pick it up and bring it to me at my next stop the next day!! Which to his credit (and my substantial debit) he ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 2nd 2007

(Photo caveat: most of the pictures here are of poor quality due to our camera, which broke in the middle of the Garden Route. Bummer!) After our big halloween party in Capetown, we headed for "The Garden Route." We have been reading about this infamous route for months and were excited to finally begin the journey. We rented the cheapest car possible, and hit the road. The car resembled my former yellow Festiva, only bright red. Oh yea, by the way, one of the things they caution tourist drivers about is not to stand out. Karl was not thrilled about the bright red car (Ed note: the car screamed "Please take all of our earthly possessions!") Hermanus is a small village north of Capetown where whales can be seen migrating to Antartica. We had heard there ... read more
Garden Route
Our "Youth" Hostel

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus October 18th 2007

... we drove across from the Winelands to visit Hermanus, a very famous location where Whales can be seen from the Coast in October ... and even though we had a short visit, we spotted some Whales and watched then blowing, and splashing. Even though they were a fair distance, we could still enjoy their sheer size and power and was very excited as we sat in the car watching then playing in the water (it was a bit too windy outside). Went round the corner for a hot chocolate and enjoyed briefly a few closer to the shore ... but it was too cold to stay for too long! Amazing experience !... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus September 20th 2007

Drive to Hermanus next. Before we even get there we can see whales from the shore road!! This is what South Africans can do on a sunday afternoon, pack a picnic and head off to watch some whales?! Mental. We are super excited as we see tails and breaching really clearly from the shore. The best shore based whale watching in the world apparently. They come to these parts to mate and then calve a year later. Stay in Hermanus backpackers which is lovely, bright and friendly and treat ourselves to a double rather than a dorm. Well, we are on honeymoon!! Go for an utterly amazing kayaking adventure with Derk and his jack russel Emma right in to the 'whale sanctuary' a huge expanse of water that no boats apart from the kayaks are allowed ... read more
hermanus 2
hermanus 3
hermanus 4

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