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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 20th 2008

Great white sharks. Who wouldn't mind adding them to their life list of wildlife sightings? The main reason Alan and I are here in Hermanus is to see them. Oh, and to stay at the wonderful Birkenhead House . We wake this morning to the sound of the ocean. Will it be too windy for our great white shark viewing adventure? After an omelet breakfast in the dining room, we sit on the back patio watching whales playing in the ocean. Steps from the property, a walking path meanders along the coast. It's tempting to stay here for the day to explore on our own. Ngaire, from Brown and Keene Travel, gets the call. There's some wind but the adventure is a go. Soon our small group is boarding the White Shark Ecoventures... read more
View from the boat
Windblown Alan
Birkenhead House patio

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 19th 2008

After another animal-filled safari at url= Madikwe Hills , we boarded the small plane that would take us back to Johannesburg and the perils of the Johannesburg Airport. All I can say is, don't let a porter get hold of your luggage and don't trust the agents at the South African Airlines counter. Upon returning to the states, we discovered that our United VISA card had been compromised . The only place we used it - at the South African Air counter to confirm our flight. VISA did a great job of catching the bogus charges, closing our account and issuing new cards. But back to South Africa, Brown and Keene chartered a bus to take the group to the West Cape and our accommoda... read more
The Salon at Birkenhead House
The view from the deck at Birkenhead House
Elegant Bedroom in Birkenheand House

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 17th 2008

This morning I took the Baz Bus and started moving up the coast. I had one final drive through the winelands. East of the Cape, are mountains that have to be passed over to continue East. Past them, the area is called Overberg (over the mountain). We snaked our way up the mountain, having a perfect view down onto George, the Strand with it’s lovely beach and right around and across False Bay for one last view of Table Mountain. I love love love this part of the country. I could happily spend a very long period of time there. Cape Town is awesome. The surrounding countryside is beautiful. And all of it so accessible. But it’s time to continue onto the next part of my adventure. And so today I arrived in Hermanus, a fishing ... read more
The Cliffs of Hermanus
The Surf
Rest Stop

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 5th 2008

Thanks for the news from home - good to read. I cant believe Obama has been elected - excellant news. Anyway on with the blog.... We left Stellenbosch at a reasonable hour and headed in the searing heat to Boschendal. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and enjoyed a good few hours in the house, gardens and wine tasting experiance. I even found Mr Pritchard's visitors log entry for earlier this year!! From then we travelled to Franshoek. Very disappointing comparred to Stellenbosch and to make it worse we got very lost serval times trying to leave the god foresaken town. Eventually we made it on to Hermanus - the Whale Capital. Well after arriving later than planned we headed straight to the bay hoping to catch a glimps of these beautiful animals. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus October 22nd 2008

Robben Island was a really fascinating trip - the island has a small village now in which some of the ex political prisoners and ex prison guards now live with their families, working on the island and doing the tours. Before the days of apartheid it was also used as a leper colony (the hospital is now a primary school), and there was also a prison for convicts (murderers, rapists etc) who were considered less dangerous than the political prisoners. I also paid a visit to the District Six Museum - a very well put together place with tons to take in about the last century in South Africa, with specific reference to District Six of Cape Town where people's homes were pretty much flattened to make room for the whites because of its great location. ... read more
Robben Island
Cape Town
A dassie

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus August 27th 2008

Him, his mate, and his mate’s mate Having checked out of the hotel nicely bundled up against the weather we emerged to find that today was actually quite warm and sunny. We shed a layer or two of clothing and spent the morning in Hermanus waiting for 2pm when our boat would be leaving the new harbour on a whale watching trip. On our way along the sea front we saw our little mammal friends on the rocks below again. There were three of them this time, and we spent quite a while watching them interact/boss each other around, although we had no ginger biscuits to offer them this time. Jack named them him, his mate and his mate’s mate. We visited the Whale House, which is a small museum, housing a southern right whale skeleton ... read more
Upon which
And even

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus August 26th 2008

Sunnier in Hermanus After a cold night we awoke to bluer skies and the sight, from our bedroom window, of a whale just offshore. Today Mark had got his dive with great white sharks booked so he prepared himself for a chilly trip on a boat and a probably even chillier dive. The sea is not warm at this time of year on this part of the coast. Mark left to wait at reception for his lift to Gansbaii from where the boat was departing only to reappear a few minutes later having been informed that the trip had been cancelled due to bad weather. This was a real shame as now Annabel is going to have to think of something else to buy him for his birthday! After ringing a Whale Cruise company and ascertaining ... read more
Waving whale
Ellie watching for Whales

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus August 25th 2008

Ever onwards to Hermanus We awoke to a still cold cabin, despite the heating being on all night and it was the speediest we’d ever managed to get the kids dressed! After breakfast back at the main building we set of towards Hermanus. The weather on the journey started off cold (only 7 degrees C) and foggy and then brightened up to bright blue skies and around 15 degrees, before then alternating these lovely skies with downpours of rain throughout the following 5-hour journey. The scenery was absolutely spectacular, we’ve never seen such a big stretch of land in one go before. Green hill after green hill lay before us with only the occasional farmhouse showing signs of life and only the one road (that’ll be the one we were on). Driving down this road changed ... read more
Fab view
View of Hermanus
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus July 17th 2008

We woke up super early from our base in Kleinbaii and drove to Betty's Bay to see the penguin colony. We enjoyed the ones in Cape Town so much that we just had to see more. Here was a much different experience as we literally had the place to ourselves. After a windy morning visiting the penguins we headed to Hermanus for lunch and spent the afternoon watching the Southern Right Whales from the shoreline.... read more
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 3

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus July 4th 2008

This will be my first attempt at writing a blog so here we go!!! I love adventure travels and have experienced many interesting activities but I must truly say that the Hermanus area exceeded my expectations ten fold! We stayed in a small Hotel - Misty Waves Boutique Hotel - what a gem of a place , we where treated like royalty and this is defiantly one of our best choice for accommodation up to date. In the foyer we discovered a brochure with regards to activities to do and one company in particular offered the full deal. Specialized Adventure - the owner a young woman visited us at the hotel and helped us plan our next few days! She was most efficient and extremely helpful and informative. We went Shard Diving, Whale watching, Wine tasting ... read more
The hotel (misty waves) we stayed at
Us kite surfing
from the roof of our hotel

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