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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus December 2nd 2009

Having fed and watered ourselves Paula and I jumped into the Corsa and headed for Hermanus. This was going to be our chilled out and relaxing time. We arrived into Hermanus without incident and checked into the hostel. We decided to walk into town and stretch our legs and also see if we could spot any Whales however they weren't playing afternoon. That evening we headed out into the town and searched for food and we ended up at a really nice Italian. Here in South Africa it is funny as often if you park in the streets you will find parking attendants both official and unofficial who will “look after you car” whilst you are away in return you usually pay them between R2 and R5 (16p to 40p). Having eaten we returned to our ... read more
Pretty view
Dutch Reformed Church
Drodsty Museum

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 21st 2009

Hermanus is one of the very few places on earth you can see whales from the land. I left Stellenbosch, with some sadness in heart, made really good friends there, but the journey must go on. Hermanus Backpackers, is owned and run by a couple (a french guy and a british woman who met in Africa, got married, came to Hermanus for a weekend many years back and never left :) It was a cosy place, felt like home Hermanus Cliff Path is an amazing walk, you go there and sit in a corner by the sea, under the big blue sky and the never ending green sea. Its the amphitheater of gods and you are the audience. And then the Southern Right whales appear out of nowhere. And I watched in awe, they were less ... read more
View from Cliff Path
View from Cliff Path
View from Cliff Path

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 3rd 2009

Ok it's not quite alliterative unless you are Jonathan Ross but here goes: How did we come to be here? Andy and Jacqui decide to go to South Africa for a holiday, decide to get married, then Jacqui's research tells them that Grotto Beach at Hermanus has a great venue, invites are issued in August, our decision to go quickly made and flights and hotels booked (how did we do this so easily before the internet). Wed 28 October. We flew overnight with BA from the UK to Cape Town, picked up our hire car and wait for Peju coming on the Virgin flight. This woman has the biggest/heaviest bag we have ever seen/carried - and her wedding outfit was in her hand luggage just in case. We took the scenic route drive away eastwards from ... read more
"there she blows"
Hermanus coast
Grotto beach sunset

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus August 26th 2009

I woke at 4am this morning, ready for what was bound to be one of the most memorable events of my trip, cage diving with great White Sharks! It certainly was memorable, but not for the reasons I was hoping. To begin with I swam up from sleep at the persistant call of my alarm clock and fought the urge to roll over and go straight back to sleep. I forced myself up and into the shower, and then perched on the edge of the bed with a cup of tea, trying to force myself awake. I ate a quick breakfast, ignoring my rebellious stomach and finally made it down to the dark streets of cape Town for 5am where a taxi was silently waiting. The driver let me in and paused further down the road ... read more
View of Hermanus

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus June 14th 2009

Hello All! We done quite a bit since leaving Cape Town. Our first stop was just outside of Stellenbosch, wine country. We stayed 3 nights in a really nice cabin built over a lake. The bird life there was amazing and the lake was filled with large mouth bass. The country side there is beautiful rolling hills of vineyards and the wine estates are done in the most beautiful Cape Dutch architecture. Some of the wineries have been there producing wine since the late 1600's. We did a great hike while there and I had one of the most amazing meals I've ever had at a restaurant called 96 Winery Road. It was Duck and Cherry Pie. I've got to learn how to make it, heavenly! From there we drove on down the scenic coastal highway, ... read more
Papyrus Lodge 2
Male Cape Sugar Bird
Route 44 Drive

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus December 27th 2008

A Lemon in Paradise Dec. 27, 2008, Agulhas, South Africa “Where ya headed,” asked the girl, who was probably eight years old. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. She was cute, but after her fiftieth question, it was getting to be a bit much. I was busy with some last minute fixes on a Land Rover that my girlfriend, Sarah, and I just bought. I can only do one thing at a time. Sarah, thankfully, was handling most of the girl’s questions and organizing our stuff, helping us to get on our way. Sarah met up with me in Cape Town after my Indian Ocean sailing trip and we spent two weeks looking for the perfect touring truck. And we’d found it. And, thankfully, our down time in Cape Town gave us the freedom to see ... read more
Cape of Good Hope
Sarah at Kirstenbosch
12 Apostles, Near Table Mountain

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus December 18th 2008

After seeing the whales last night, we sat down for dinner and the chef was happy to cater for my ever whim so I had a super yummy dinner. G really enjoyed his too, although I wasn’t impressed that Santa will have one less little helper after G’s meal (G was quick to point out that I could help Rudolf with my red nose from the sun - well at least I am not patchy!). We then headed back up to our room and the hotel was spectacular at night - there were 2 little tea light candles on every step leading up to the room and more tea lights in our room - totally my scene! We started relatively early today - got up at 7.30am, with sunshine streaming in through the windows. Breakfast was ... read more
Arriving at danger point
Tinnie by the lighthouse
G at the lighthouse

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus December 17th 2008

Dinner last night was lovely (as was the restaurant) - and was amazingly cheap 2 courses each and drinks for less than G’s main course in Gleneagles (and also almost the same as 2 hot chocolates there!). After dinner we headed back for an egu in the bar before going for an early night following our busy day and put a Christmas film on - the opening credits were great! (I didn’t see anymore) After breakfast this morning, I headed out to catch some rays while G packed the car. All the cases and new purchases fitted in the boot so he was quite pleased (so I am still allowed more!) We headed off towards Simons Town first of all. Memories of the great ocean road came flooding back with the first sight of the twisty ... read more
First sighting of the penguins
Big stretch!
Close up penguin

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus November 21st 2008

Yesterday was shark day. Today, it's the penguins' turn and they prove to be better subjects. The group has loved Birkenhead so much that Ngaire, our travel agent, arranges for a late check-out plus lunch around the pool area. We're thrilled to spend a few extra hours in this beautiful location. The back patio overlooking the ocean has been calling Alan for a little early morning whale watching. This morning he makes it down for the spectacular scene. I catch up with him for breakfast and a cappuccino. Then we explore the property before lunch beside the pool with three tables of travel friends who are all looking forward to our cruise from Cape Town to Rio. Of course the tomato appetizer, fish cake and brownie dessert were delicious. The entire Birkenhead staff waves goodbye as ... read more
Open wide
Penguin chick
Are you looking at me?

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