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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town May 31st 2005

Hi Guys For those of you just want a quick update of how we're doing, here's the RAG status!!! Finance = Green Fitness = Amber Relationship = Green Arguments = Zero Here we are in sunny Cape Town - we can say this today but it has been a little wet over the past couple of days! Not that is has stopped us doing anything (except getting up Table Mountain), we've still done all the other things we wanted to do. So what to say about Cape Town? We do really like it here. It took us a couple of days to find our feet and feel safe but so far we haven't had any problems (famous last words!). The appartment we are staying in is great although we have no lock on our patio door. ... read more
Us on Cape of Good Hope

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town April 27th 2005

I'd been watching African wildlife specials on the telly, dear reader, and my desire to visit the dark continent was building to a crescendo. There's a famous song in Australia that goes ... football, meat pies, kangaroos and holden cars; but it seems that Africa can go one better. The prospect of spotting the big five and other spectacular wildlife amidst glorious African sunsets was very exciting, and the novels of the African writer Wilbur Smith helped fuel my passion. So I was full of anticipation as I boarded a westbound flight across the mighty Australian continent, over the Indian Ocean and onwards to South Africa. I wasn't excited to start my trip in Johannesburg, but I was aware of safety problems in the South African capital. So I thought it best to ease my way ... read more
Cape Town farewell
Table Mountain summit, Cape Town
Cape Peninsula views

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town December 22nd 2004

22 Dec 2004: First time out of the country alone AND first time in Africa - apprehensive? not 'arf! But just looking out over Table Mountain, as the plane sweeps over Cape Town, the excitement is unbearable - no fear what-so-ever - I'm actually feeling rather emotional (in a happy way) at the beginning of my independence. I get the growing feeling this may be the start of the rest of my life. John and Lidia live in a very civilized part of town, Constancia, or the Cape's equivalent of Chelsea back home, nestled beneath the protective peer of the mountain range and facing the bracing warmth of the coastline. Having seen books and photos of South Africa for years, particularly Cape Town, I was not surprised that it felt more like a trendy European city ... read more
Looking out across the 'Twelve Apostles'
A-top Table Mountain, Cape Town
Table Mountain from west coast

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town December 4th 2004

November 2004 saw me bidding an emotional farewell to friends and family and heading off my my post-graduate travels. The initial trip that I had mooted with my uni friends Steve and Chris had fallen through - I would now be meeting the Norfolk boys in Singapore for a month long blitz through South East Asia. In their absence, I had decided to forge my own path, which eased me into the traveling way via the English speaking South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, before heading up through South East Asia with Steve and Chris, and then culminating the trip in India and Nepal. So first up was South Africa, and I landed in Cape Town without any problems - although I was brought down to earth rudely before I even arrived at the hostel. Townships ... read more
Petting a Cheetah.
Don't look down....
Bokbus guys

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town November 8th 2004

Twice in one year I love it so much ! Of course catching up with one of my oldest friends and her gang make it one of my favourite places to visit. Cocktails at Greenpoint, whale watching in Hermanus, sandboarding, sundowners at Clifton, wine tours, Camps Bay beach, Table Mountain, all that shopping at Canal Walk and V&A, what's not to love about it. ... read more
Seapoint Promenade
Cocktails at Greenpoint

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town July 2nd 2004

So it's 2.05AM Sunday 30th May 2004 and there's now less than a week to go. Surrounded by every increasing piles of discarded cardboard and plastic I stumble towards departure with an ever decreasing sense of reality. I remember once writing somewhere; "it never get's weird enough for me". I guess the words themselves don't mean much, it's what they're hotwired to, things words can't do by themselves, but it feels like I'm arriving at some kind of cut-off point, a point where it all comes down to throwing onself at the mercy of the elements, and trusting those that, one hopes, can safely navigate them. This is like my first solo expedition as a broadcast TV road warrior carrying all the battery chargers, spare clips plus all the junk you need to make you feel ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town July 2nd 2004

Sunday, June 6 th 2004 It wasn't easy cramming my studio into a suitcase so it took me nearly two months and without the help of Daene, I would probably have missed the boat but I was nearly ready by the time the Safmarine driver arrived at 10.00 AM on Sunday. This was not to be the only time on Sunday I was to be grateful not to be traveling by air, but more on that later. The ship is berthed at Milnerton container terminal and boarding is no problem, until I discover that my wife hadn't packed my Berry Blaze or toothpaste. With a bit of cell phone persuasion she drops off the missing objects but not too long after that I unpack my photographic equipment but to my horror I find that I've left ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 29th 2004

Hey You'll, Don't have time to write much, but here are some pics from Capetown.... read more
Table Mt.
Capetown from the pier
University of Stellenbosch

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town November 1st 2003

Hi there. Welcome to the African Archives... At the southern tip of Africa lies a mighty and vibrant city! I spent a couple of months living and working in Cape Town. During that time I explored the city quite intimately and got to see a lot of interesting stuff. Dave.... read more
Lions Head.
Happy kids
Lions Head.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town April 12th 2003

We arrived in Capetown and got a ride to Long Street which is where most of the backpacker hostels are. We started to walk up the road to check out what was available when we met a young swedish girl who recognized our search and recommended Ashanti guesthouse and also took us there in her car. Ashanti was a little over our budget, so we walked back down to Long Street and got a room there. We stayed in Capetown for about 4 days and did a lot of touristy stuff of which neither I nor Kristen is usually that keen. It was fun though. We walked around the town, took a boat trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and most other black political prisoners were incarcerated during Aparteid, we walked around the Victoria and ... read more

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