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27th October 2006

poverty's prison
very interesting read (and great photos too!) I cannot speak from experience, having never been to SA. And knowing people in poverty I know it is a prison of which it appears impossible to escape. But I can't help asking this question.... you show photos of the squalid condition of the 'front yard', whose responsiblity is it to clean up that mess? That isn't apartheid... am I wrong to say, it's laziness? If I were trapped there, I'd make the most of my situation, clean up the mess, figure out ways to improve things, have a garden, trees, have some creativity to make my lot better. I'd figure out a way to be industrious with what I have. I may be totally wrong. But I drive through neighborhoods in the USA, and some people simply don't have any decency to improve their lot in life. It is difficult to feel sorry for people who don't help themselves. Of course, the kids are total victims. I face that all the time, kids who don't have a chance because of lousy parents. But that isn't apartheid either. It's called not having the 'want' to, like in, 'you gotta have the want to!' Anyway, just my take on it all. I certainly wish I had an answer. Great read though, thanks much. Will make me think of it more.
28th October 2006

Reply to stupid comments
You're an idiot man. You saying that these people 'choose' to be this poor is ridiculous. Its like saying 'that guy living in the box down the street could TOTALLY make an effort to make it look nice'. What are they supposed to do, buy a throw rug or a few doily's and spread them around to 'spruce up' their shack? And the parents are supposed to do what for their kids? They have no money, no education, no means of doing ANYTHING for themselves but they're supposed to teach their children better? How do you teach someone something that you don't know? These people aren't 'lazy', they're trapped. Should they cut their lawns and plant some flowers to make their 'yard' look nicer? Maybe it would add to the appeal of their tin box. LAZY is when people with the means to make something better for themselves don't. As far as I can tell these people don't have access to the local Home Depot and garden store to fix up their home. OH, and that would cost money so even if they did it wouldn't matter. People like you make me sick. Get a freaking life and see it for what it is. EXTREME POVERTY NOT LAZINESS.
28th October 2006

Reply to: Reply to Stupid Comments/Poverty's Prison
Thank you very much for both your comments - the idea of our blogs is to generate discussion, which we are glad has happened.
22nd December 2006

I want to say thank you for the reply to the stupid comment. I have been to Africa...and people are so destitute, t hey are looking for the next meal every second of the day. They do not have time to be cleaning yards, planting trees etc..etc. there is NO home depot. There is no time in the day to relax. You toil on your feet for hours. Usually as the blog states there is no transportation, so if you want to work in a "semidecent" part of town, you have to hike. Work hard. hike home. Find something to eat. By that time, all you have time to do is sleep and start all over the next day. It is easy for those that have no experience in what TRUE poverty is called to discuss it. I also have seen the people in America sittin on their front porch waiting for the welfare check. Now not ALL of these people are lazy...but at least they have more of an opportunity to make a difference about their circumstances due to the democracy we enjoy in this government and in much of the western world. That same democracy and opportunity is but a dream to much of the world. Ada

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