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March 15th 2013
Published: March 24th 2013
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March 15, 2013 (Cape Town, RSA) We speak (and sign) of windy and variable weather conditions in Oklahoma, but I suspect Cape Town could give us a run for the money. We've had highly variable weather conditions here - most of it quite pleasant, but very different each day. Day one we had the south easter winds blowing. We went on a tour of the peninsula and getting out to get a view off one of the cliffs, a gust of wind blew the glasses off one of our colleagues and blew them from the car over the cliff never to be found. Day two was more ideal - clear blue skies, calm and clear, but very warm. Today was overcast, foggy, dew on the ground and misting on and off in the mid day. The straight line winds here can be dangerous in the right conditions. Sailing is a common sport - but can be quite challenging with the changing conditions.


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