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October 17th 2013
Published: June 25th 2017
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actually looked down at extension cord and Robert's wire was on fire!
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Fire !!!!! Two years ago here in Kruger we experienced a power surge that fried the power adapter for my Dell laptop. We asked around here at Skukuza and as was suggested we Drove to a town outside the park, Malelane. They had one with many tips but did not have one with adaptor for our model. Drove on into Nelspruit to a mall and they had one. We bought a 220 V surge protector cube as well. Just now Laura shouted and I looked down, thedamn 110 plug end of the power adaptor we bought two years ago was actually aflame, as in on fire. This time hope to find one in nearby Hazy View. Just went in to get more internet data bundles on Monday. Good news is, since Monday....the road we take out of the park to HazyVew has been very good to us... we have had 6 sightings (!) of the very rare cheetah, 9 lions, 5 rhino, too many hyena to count.

It was another awesome day with the computer fire during the lunch hour to add to our excitement!

We did our regular run down from Skukuza where we have been very lucky in our viewing of wildlife. We seem to see a great deal between Transport down to Shitlhave and back all on the main road.

Started off with some more of those hard to believe rhino sightings. Saw two then two more! Then we came across the hyena family with one out on the road slowing traffic down I suppose. The hyena have really been visible this year in a not so "evil" looking way. You usually see them on a kill eating their share of what is left. This time there was a family group that had their den right out on the road and it made them seem so much more likeable.

There was a young hyena that appeared to be babysitting a very small hyena baby that seemed to have a mind of its own and was having none of this staying in the den like it was supposed to be doing. The young one looked like it was about to give up on its babysitting duties.

We watched them for awhile and then drove on where we saw yet another rhino and then a kestrel in a tree hunting. We then saw a single wildebeest that was standing out on the road and appeared to be "on alert". There were some female kudu nearby and they also seemed to be listening intently. We cut off our engine and heard the wildebeest snort an alarm sound and continue looking around. The kudu had crossed the road but were still very alert.

Could not see anything but shortly thereafter saw a watched a cheetah sitting on a hump and appeared to be looking around for something to catch. Watched it for awhile until it finally sat up and then moved off into the grasses. This was happening at 6:45 a.m. so once again that early out the gate does pay off.

While we were watching the cheetah, could hear a very lovely melody out the driver's window. Looked around and finally located this beautiful bird but before could get it in the lens of the camera, it flew away. A safari driver came up beside me and told me it was a diederick cuckoo. So sorry was unable to capture a photo.

Then we continued on our drive and saw three more rhino! What a day for rhino. At about 7:50 a.m. as we were heading back we saw another cheetah walking through the grass. Got to watch it for awhile until it disappeared from view.

Drove a short distance further and saw a large group of safari vehicles pulled over and saw they were looking at a lion in the grass. Could not tell at first what it was looking at but then could see it get into a crouch as though to capture something. We saw a warthog run past and then the lion moved but we could not tell for sure if it ever was successful.

Drove down to Waterhole Road and stopped to check out the waterhole and were finally rewarded with a coucal sitting there where we could get a picture! Took some pictures and enjoyed the waterhole and then as we were driving back toward the camp on waterhole road, we came across some giraffe necking.

Necking is an activity carried out by male giraffe as a dominance display. They slam their head into the side of another male. You can hear the sound and it sometimes looks like it is very painful!

Back to the camp where we did an hour walk through what all Skukuza had to offer. We were rewarded with some lovely birds, purple turaco, barbet, saddlebill stork doing a dance, sunbirds and orioles. We also could see a large number of elephants in the river.

Had the computer fire at lunch but are still able to stay connected!

Did a short evening drive because we had decided we were going to eat out on the deck that night and wanted to be back in time to watch for any activity in the river before dark. On the evening drive, we did see two more rhino bringing our total for the day to ten! Made it back, and had a nice dinner and a nice visit with a couple from the J'berg area.

Additional photos below
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Young Hyena and Infant HyenaYoung Hyena and Infant Hyena
Young Hyena and Infant Hyena

looked like the young hyena was trying to babysit and keep the young one off the road and the infant really wanted to get out and see what was going on!

8th November 2013

hellooooooooooo aganin! your pictures are stunning! seems that you are still having a great time! so fare we left beautiful africa a week ago and now travelling uruguay (which was just a spontaneous decision) and soon return to argentina. h
ow are you? we send you loads of greetings from san gregorio de polanco, isabella & rené
20th November 2013

Love your stuff

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