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Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands November 25th 2019

We started our morning game drive at 5:30am but not before having some coffee and a few healthy snacks. Jonty, who is strong and stands 6’7” tall, immediately headed us to the Sands River which our suite overlooks. Due to rains that had fallen the previous day, Jonty and Lewis consulted another guide and determined the river was safe for us to cross so the Land Rover headed into the water and we crossed at a quick pace. Another group was not as brave as Kevin and me and refused to let their guide do the crossing. Within 5 minutes of crossing, we came upon a beautiful leopard lounging on a tree branch. It completely ignored us as we sat and watched it for at least a half hour. Jonty was then informed via radio that ... read more
the leopard
one of the two younger lions
our crew

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands November 25th 2019

We delayed our start time a bit this morning because it was rainping heavily, a nice treat for a San Diego girl who doesn’t get to enjoy much precipitation. With the rain still falling, a little bit lighter perhaps, we set out in the rover equipped with oiled canvas ponchos. But only Hazel and I partook of them because Jonty, Lewis and Kevin are all tough outdoorsmen who don’t mind inclement weather. We were in search for the wild dogs again and were heading down that same road again, when Jonty was informed via radio that two leopards had been spotted near a watering hole. With the sun now out, the ponchos off and feeling the fresh breeze in our faces, we headed toward the spot where we came upon a father and son lion basking ... read more
looking for any food opportunity.
Dad is on the termite mound.
I don’t know how much longer my patience will hold out.

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands June 9th 2019

Our last day at Tydon Safari Camp and it was still an early start but this time we are off to Kruger National Park itself and we are not sure just how this will compare to driving around private game parks where we could go off road where as Kruger won’t let people do that. The Aussies and the Welsh couple will be on board so for the first time in the last 3 drives the land rover and the guide won’t be just for us. We headed off just after 6.30am and it was a half hour drive to get to the gate into Kruger. Neil was our guide this morning and he has the job to do to find us lions although we have told him that our leopard experiences to date in both ... read more
Monkey's !
A baby hyena waiting for breakfast
All the tastiest food is on the second floor !

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands June 8th 2019

The wake up call at Tydon Safari Camp in Sabi Sands was a little later than at Gomo Gomo and we enjoyed the extra lie in albeit only another half hour. Again the routine was to rise, get dressed warmly and head down for a coffee before boarding the land rover for the morning game drive. For some reason here at Sabi Sands it seemed much lighter in the sky even though there was only a half hours difference to Gomo Gomo get up and about time. We again got to feel like royalty this morning as we are the only two staying at the safari camp although there will apparently be more people coming in later in the day. Drikus,a stocky South African guy, who told us he loved the outdoors, was to be our ... read more
The sun just hanging there
No words can explain the beauty
Mother battilier

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands June 7th 2019

Our final morning at Gomo Gomo and we were going to join the morning game drive before breakfast and then be delivered to Hoedspruit Airport to be picked up and taken south to part 2 of our safari adventure. Again someone came knocking at the door at 5.15am and we readied ourselves for the departure after breakfast by making sure we were virtually packed and ready to go. Another chilly morning and we were well rugged up against the cold although this time there was some overcast cloud so that the bite from the wind as we started out on the drive wasn’t quite as severe as it had been on previous mornings. After the sighting of the leopard in the late afternoon yesterday there was still anticipation amongst ourselves and the American family that we ... read more
View of the watering hole from the terrace
Giraffes watching out for the zebras

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands April 21st 2014

Things are a bit out of order, but this is Chris' contribution about our third day at Kirkman's Camp. Matt and I woke up at about 5:50, 10 minutes before our wake up call from Sean. We heard the knock on Mum and Dad’s room just before us, so we yelled out “Good morning Sean” I don’t think he bothered to knock on our door, he just replied Ï thought I told you two to sleep until I came” We all got up and started to get ready, brushed our teeth, got changed then got our socks then shoes on. I picked up my ipod up off the bed and creaked open the door slowly as we were told to do because sometimes elephants are outside your door and what do you know….there was no elephant ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands April 17th 2014

The first full day of our safari stared with a wake- up call at 5:30 then some tea and coffee before our morning safari and we saw Impala, again, and again, and again. Then Elvis spotted some Leopard tracks and started to track the Leopard through a donga, a river bed, there was some really serious 4-wheel driving. While Sean and Elvis tracked the illusive Leopard we saw a dazzle of Zebra, a herd of Elephant, Kudu, an e agle owl, a Bataleur eagle, various types of buck before finally finding the Leopard named as Scotia’s daughter, who was just lazing in the grass, but everyone was still really excited. Then Chris and I went for a swim but no diving catches this time, too many people. So we got out pretty quickly and then went ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands April 15th 2014

By Chris this time. We woke up in the morning and I had a bacon cheese tomato omelette. When we were about to leave to the airport we met a couple Adam and Sarah who were from New York and we shared a taxi bus to the airport. They talked about their jobs, and they were both literature professors and I showed Sarah my Ricky Ponting book as an example of Australian literature. Adam was originally from London so he got the joke. We got on the plane and everyone was squished up so the pilot asked Mum if she wanted to come up to the front seat but Mum let me go up instead. When I got up there I had to put on four different seatbelts and I had hundreds of knobs and buttons ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands December 6th 2012

We woke at 0445 to get ready for the longest driving day in the whole trip. We are off to Kruger National Park, then Arathusa Game reserve. We left Petoria to early to try and get breakfast there so we took our chances on the freeway. By 0730 everyone was thinking about food, so Maria navigated us to the nearest town, Middleburgh. Turns out it was not that close and little did we know at the time it was the start of a trend for taking excursions off the beaten track. We enjoyed another inexpensive Wimpy meal. The journey was long, we took what we thought would be a scenic route, but ended up a very long way to Malelane Gate into Kruger. The road works were prolific, but seemingly slow in progress. Workers lined the ... read more
Springbok playing

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands October 14th 2012

Like our stay in Shumbalala private game reserve, I'm combining days for our stay in Mala Mala... Oct 14 Gary is our guide (he's 23) and there are two other couples he is hosting: a couple nearing 70 from L.A. Judy and Steve, and Kate and Brett from Australia who are in their late 20s and also on their honeymoon. On the morning drive we saw: Caribou stork, giraffe, waterbuck, white rhino, male lions, zebras, whole pride of lionesses with 7 cubs (three are 7 mos old, two are 3 mos old, two are 4 mos old), yellow billed horn bulls, and leopards. The waterbucks have big manes and a big white circle on their butts. They are prone to dehydration because of their shaggy coats, so are always near water. They have a musky smell ... read more
Sunset Drive
Sunset Drive
Sunset Drive

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