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Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 21st 2006

11/17/06-11/20/06 Beep...Beep....Beep....What time is it? 4AM...oh crap, I thought I decided to go on vacation so I wouldn't have to wake up at these crazy hours. Oh well as soon as I remembered why I was getting up before the rooster crowed, I jumped out of bed. Today I was going on my very first Safari to Kruger National Park! I left my backpack at Purple Palms(the hostel I was staying at in Joburg) and packed a pair of cargo convertibles and a couple t-shirts along with a rain jacket just in case it rained. I was contemplating taking my fleece but I though nah forget, this is freaking Africa...its hot as hell here. That decision would come back to bite me in my ass but more on that later. I grabbed my daypack and ... read more
Timbavati Safari Lodge

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 20th 2006

Within three days of arriving in Africa we had already seen more amazing animals than we thought we might see in three months here. Kruger really deserves its reputation as one of the best wildlife parks in the world. We arrived in Johannesburg in the middle of a fearsome rainstorm and were too exhausted after the long flight from Sydney to do anything other than flop at our hostel. We didn't have any plans beyond that. Over breakfast we got chatting to a guy from Cape Town, Roger, who had picked his sister Pam up from the same Sydney flight and was planning to drive to a village near Kruger that morning if we felt like joining them. An offer too good to refuse and the beginning of a marvellous friendship! Roger is a tour guide ... read more
Turbo the owl and me
Blyde River Canyon
Roger and Pam

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 17th 2006

Kat writes: Having got another little car and a few camping supplies we were on our way to Kruger National Park and a big reason for coming to South Africa. Arriving around midday the first thing we did was get to the nearest bush camp to try and book some accommodation, only to be told that practically everything was already taken. Ek! But with a little bit of brain power and an 8hr journey tomorrow. It was doable. We were ‘in’ for the next 6 nights, which later turned to 8, moving to a different camp everyday to see just as much of Wales as we could. Sorry, Kruger, but it is the size of Wales! Well, bar a few days, the routine pretty much went like this - up and out for around 5am to ... read more
Gentle Giant 2
Gentle Giant 3

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 1st 2006

Wow, seems like Kruger was months ago so we've gota dig deep in our memory banks for this Blog. Currently in Vic Falls, Zambia after 7 days of Camping in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia so u'll be updated about that shortly. Ok, Kruger Park, We travelled to Nelspruit via the Baz Bus which was on the outskirts of the Park itself and were fortunate enough to stay in a hostel called 'Nelspruit Backpackers',where they run their own safari's from,we chose the 3 days,2 nights option,which involved staying in one of the camps inside the park in a 2 man tent, the tents were only 6ft long so when you are 6ft 3" it creates a bit of a problem!! After we booked our Safari at the Hostel we were informed that a guide would be picking ... read more
Dumbo and Friends
Yum Yum

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 24th 2006

Arrived in Swaziland for the second time on this trip. Having had a pretty dull time last time, I didn't have high hopes for the place, but this time was far better. Probably because I was with my cool buddy Kek this time! We only had one night so decided to do some white water farfting which was pretty fun, and uneventful. Later that day we decided to tryand hitch to Nelspruit, near Kruger park. Not quite sure how we thought it would happen when we didn't even leave until 4pm, and it turned out not to happen, but luckily for us we were picked up by a well intending man, who it turned out was rather into some kind of religion which now escapes me, and decided to bombard us with information and leaflets, trying ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 5th 2006

So we began the game drive that promised us, Lions, Leopards, Rhino, Buffalo and Elephants. I think these are the big five but feel free to correct me. We began the drive in a civil way, seeing some really amazing wildlife, lots of antelope, kudu, warthog, bushbuck type animals but then our guide had some feedback through his earpiece which alerted him to a spotting of one of the big 5. Suddenly we were not on the dirt track any more, but driving through thick scrub and mowing down small trees while trying to avoid having our eyes gouged out by very prickly bushes. But then we began to see them. Buffalo. Wow, a huge heard of them and they are huge. I don't know why I find them funny they really aren't, maybe the way ... read more
The most lovely Elephant family
Rhinos being affectionate

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 1st 2006

Well I'll start at the beginning, probably easier that way. Our flight was uneventful, we were situated between three babies, which i expected to be a cruel and noisy 10 hours however the little darlings made no noise at all. However we couldn't sleep for one reason or other. So we arrived at Johannesburg airport early on Fri morning and proceeded to sort out our car rental. Sarah then approached me having just spoken to the lady at Gwala Gwala, the game reserve we were to be staying at, and told me the drive was actually 6 hours there and not the 2-3 our travel agent had told us! At this point I was seriously fighing sleep deprivation, which had just started to kick in so Sarah did the first half of the drive. We ... read more
Luxury camping at its best
Giraffe in Gwala Gwala reserve
wart hog

We weren’t expecting to cycle on day 5, but we’ve already had a whinge about the information with regards to routes & distances, so won’t mention it again. That said we didn’t have sufficient clean clothes for 5 days, but at this stage we were past caring. We set off later than normal and yet again had to keep close together in our group with a Landy following close behind due to game concentrations. This makes riding very dusty! We had to stop once or twice to avoid elephant activity, but we were never in any danger. The pace was fast and there was some sense of humour failure when we hit hills for the last 10kms, some of which Laura had to be pushed up by fellow cyclists! We reached the tar road at 11:30, ... read more
Group 9 & 10 on the last day
Phil putting on a brave face
Laura gets a helping hand

We needed to be in Rivonia by 06:30, which meant getting up at 04:30. Phil forgot to correct the time on his mobile to the local time-zone which is 1 hour ahead of the UK. This isn’t a major issue unless you’re using your phone as an alarm clock, which we were! Fortunately Ella wanted to go back to bed and knocked on our door at 05:00 to say good-bye. A short mad flap ensued which, as it turns out, was unnecessary as the mechanic joining us was 45mins late. Our bus got under way shortly before 07:30, progress was pretty slow, and we lost a piece of the bus along the way. No one knows quite how or why, but driving through the Magoobaskloof Mountains, our driver noticed an excessive amount of sparks in his ... read more

The title pretty much sums up our animal experiences in our second trip to Kruger. Our own excursions into the Park were based near one of the southern camps around Skukuza and this time with the professional, we were further north near Orphen. Whilst we had the advantage of an open game viewer rather than a Renault Clio, if the animals aren't nearby you are going to see them....and most of the big cats remained as elusive as a South African policeman when you need one. There are therefore no lion piccies to add to this page, the leopards were probably hiding up a tree laughing as we went past and the only major sighting success was a very distant cheetah. The elephants were in abundance, as were the giraffes, zebras, wilderbeest and the ever present ... read more
New Career

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