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One of the toughest thing in planning travel for a family is to take them to a place when you have never been, arrange travel, hotels, restaurants and workout the last details and make it so that it wows everyone’s, meet all the expectations are met and arrange everything remotely. That is a tall order! My son wanted us to go on a African safari!! The first place that came to my mind was Kenya/Tanzania and the Serengeti. So when I told him that ok, let's go the safari in the Serengeti he said, well no, he was thinking of Singita Lebembo. I didn't even know where Singita Lebembo was let alone which country it was in. I found out that Singita Lebembo is located in the Northern part of Kruger National Park in the Lebambo ... read more
Coast of Nimibia
Morning in South Africa
Boarding our flight to Singita

When I was a little boy I remember the Disney movie, "The Jungle Book" came out and I wanted to watch it over and over. I collected the figurines of the major characters and played endlessly on the living room carpet with my little animals. Come to think of it, our mother always bought us a box of animal crackers as a treat every week when she did the grocery shopping. I grew up with dogs and cats. I always loved the sad and wistful tune of those nature shows on late Saturday afternoons. I am an animal lover by nature and my parents always taught us to respect these creatures. Just to add the irony, we lived in a housing project known as "The Jungle"!!! So, my inevitable safari became the fruition of so many ... read more
Elegant Giraffe
Lightning Speed

Hello again! This is a long one guys, so bear with me. :) Well, well left off with the climax of my trip thus far: playing with baby lions. How could things possibly get better? I had no idea until we went to Kruger National Park. The entire trip thing had just been on an upward track, each experience more exciting and wild than the next, literally. We had started with animals in just enclosures, moved up to animals in a reserve and now we would be seeing animals completely in the wild. While Kruger is mostly surrounded by a fence there is essentially no human interference with the animals there. They are not fed, they are not vaccinated or cared for; obviously they are familiar with humans since there are roads around the park for ... read more
The girls and I showing off our modeling abilities :)
Shawn and Rita :)
The girls and I at the Three Rondavels

The last few days of our journey, at restful Mopani, further north in the park and quite different ito vegetation and animal sightings. saw the biggest herd ever of buffalo this morning, must have been about 1000 - not kidding! Tomorrow we've booked a bush walk, hope the ranger has a BIG gun! There are some interesting archeological sites around here, which we'll visit - just up Neil's 'ally', he has already found a stone age implement walking around the camp, just shows you .. Anyway, off for an afternoon game drive, see you all soon back in CT. x ally... read more

Geo: -23.926, 31.4209I write this now in Kruger Park. It's our third day.Today has been an awesome Safari day and we've had many great animal sightings from Elephant Herds, to a great male lion up close and personal.I'm about to head off for a night safari, and tomorrow, we head to Swaziland.I've already got near 1000 photos, and will upload some when the oppertunity comes up. I've been told it's unlikely I'll be able to access the internet for 4-5 days it seems, so then, when I can, I'll upload blogs and photos. Until then, I'm just going to have to make do enjoying myself and hand writing journals!:-)... read more

Geo: -23.926, 31.4209#For the first time with my travel blogs, I find myself posting blog entries retrospectively. Unlike previous journeys, oppertunity to use the internet was extremely limited. More accurately, aside from a minute here or there on wi-fi on my mobile, I was not able to use a PC for the entire duration of our Sunway Safaris Tour. What I did, was keep hand written journals from day to day. So here I go, wistfully (already missing Africa on my first day home) reliving my holiday. Starting with Day Three, at the awesome Kruger Park. All copied directly from hand written notes.The alarm went off this morning @ 5.45am. The gates of our chalets at our Camp @ Lower Sabi opened at 6am, allowing us to explore Kruger before sunrise on a morning game drive. ... read more
Critically Wounded
Morning Elephants!
Nat Spots Elephants!

Geo: -23.926, 31.4209Today was the start of our most anticipated Safari adventure!We started off from Graskop @ 7am, looking forward to arriving at the infamous Kruger National Park.It was around 9am when the Kruger Gate appeared before us. The Park was opened in the 1920's and is essentially a massive fenced off area of land in the north east of South Africa where animals roam free and do as they please.Upon arrival we picked up a guide, with all the inhabitants listed, and would tick off each animal as we spotted them. Our safari here would be driving around the area, in our tour vehicle, stopping wherever we spotted something.We spent the day enjoying the park, seeing all kinds of Spectacular wildlife including; Impala (not so exciting), Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippos and many types of exotic ... read more
Kris Kruger Gate
Bling at Kruger Gate
Kruger Landscape

Just been for a jog around our favorite bush camp, Satara (inside the fence that is), even tho I'm on holiday, sitting in the car all day long and munching padkos has to catch up with you. This morning was the best sighting of all so far, a pride of 20 lions!!! Wish I could figure out how to download videos on this blogsite from my iPad, but will post a photo of it later, just charging the camera battery (& the torch battery, & neils camera battery, and the laptop, ipad and the cell phones ... Not enough plugs in the bush for all our technology. Hey please 'comment' if you can, so that I know my blog is reaching you? Cheers for now, off for some bird watching around the camp ;)... read more

Sorry I've not blogged for a while, don't know where the time has gone! I hope by now I have a few blog-ees following our adventure.. So, since the last entry we've see plenty, including 4 of the big 5 (you can guess which we haven't seen - leopard of course). The highlight being a lion KILL right in front of our chalet at Ngwenya Lodge - after driving around all morning, we called it a day and came back to the lodge for lunch only to see 3 lion (or is it 3 lions?) from our veranda, making their own lunch - impala tartare. Off to Satara tomorrow, so until then..... read more

Three white rhino sightings in the first 30 mins of entering the park.. Sunset dam as always a smorgis board of game. Cooling off now at lower sabie swimming pool, hot as hell :)... read more

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