Day Two - Arrival @ Kruger

Published: June 28th 2017
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Nat @ Kruger GateNat @ Kruger GateNat @ Kruger Gate

Arrival in Kruger Park, and the Kruger Gate. The Park is a massive area approximatley 20,000 sqkm. Animals in this area are wild, and not monitored or regulated in any way.
Geo: -23.926, 31.4209

Today was the start of our most anticipated Safari adventure!
We started off from Graskop @ 7am, looking forward to arriving at the infamous Kruger National Park.
It was around 9am when the Kruger Gate appeared before us. The Park was opened in the 1920's and is essentially a massive fenced off area of land in the north east of South Africa where animals roam free and do as they please.
Upon arrival we picked up a guide, with all the inhabitants listed, and would tick off each animal as we spotted them. Our safari here would be driving around the area, in our tour vehicle, stopping wherever we spotted something.
We spent the day enjoying the park, seeing all kinds of Spectacular wildlife including; Impala (not so exciting), Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippos and many types of exotic birds. Eventually we even came across some female lions resting in the evening sun, near an area not too dissimilar from Pride Rock of the Lion King!
A notable highlight was a bird viewing hide. Whilst the majority of game viewing at Kruger is strictly from vehicle only (getting out and walking prohibited), this spot allowed you access to view birds from a protected and hidden spot. The views were spectacular with dozens of creatures to behold, my favourite being the Goliath Herons.
We soon checked into our chalets and enjoyed an afternoon game drive before calling it a day. Dinner was delicious home cooked ostrich and chicken meat.
We turned in around 9.30pm, expecting to get up early for another game drive.

NOTE - Photos are hopefully on the way soon. It has proved to be very difficult to access the internet, and where you can, connection is slow, and time and opportunity are very limited at this stage.

Additional photos below
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Bling at Kruger GateBling at Kruger Gate
Bling at Kruger Gate

My travel companion, the world famous monkey that has travelled the world. I think he's been to nearly 100 countries now?
Bridge from the Main GateBridge from the Main Gate
Bridge from the Main Gate

Some of our travel group there.
Kruger MonumentKruger Monument
Kruger Monument

Near the entrance. The Park is named after Paul Kruger.

The first animal we saw, and the most common.. like vermin really, there's over 2 million in the park.

Second Spotting
Buffalo SightingBuffalo Sighting
Buffalo Sighting

One of the 'Big Five' Animals
Bataleur in FlightBataleur in Flight
Bataleur in Flight
Elephant SpottedElephant Spotted
Elephant Spotted

Natalie's favourite, some great sightings whilst on Safari.
African DarterAfrican Darter
African Darter

At a Bird Hyde over a waterhole in Kruger, plenty of birds to spot!

Peeking above water
Goliath HeronsGoliath Herons
Goliath Herons

Spectacular large birds

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