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September 3rd 2016
Published: June 22nd 2017
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The lions we saw last night were on the move. They came almost to the lodge site definitely looking for some. It turned out that another group had killed a water buffalo the day before. The male in that group made a bad decision to let others know. The two male were going to find this male and if possible kill it. That's the law of the wild. We tracked them to the site. When they got close, the two split up to try to ambush the male. The male spotted them and took off running with the other two closing in. It was amazing to watch this all happen at a distance. Other animals were running from this situation. We couldn't see the attack but we heard a small scream. The guide figures it wasn't long enough to kill it but he is now miles away and won't be back. The two males then went for some buffalo. Although there were 4 lion at the kill site, their first priority was getting the other male lion. The guide said we saw something spectacular. He has only seen that a few times. Right place and the right time. No pictures since it was too far away. Just the males on the very determined walk. After that more animal sightings and breakfast in the trees.

Afternoon drive continued with some outstanding shots.

Tracked down the Leopard and it's kill. We were across a dry drainage creek but had a clear view. The kill was in the bushes beside the cat. Very relaxed with us and another vehicle watching. Checked out a hyena den. At first just one female and three young. As other adults came, we saw the fourth. Since we were there a long time, they came very close to our vehicle as you can see by some of the shots. Very nice to see the den area. It was getting darker so some of the photos are a little grainy.

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Hyena & pups

Moon and Venus too.

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