Laura finds the Frightened Leopard !

Published: June 21st 2017
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Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416

Up and did our usual early morning run and saw lots of hyena, hyena babies and even a very white baby. I had made a comment earlier about not seeing many hyenas and now we are seeing them everywhere.

Came back and did our hour walk while we were cooking some black beans. Had grilled cheese and salad.

Went for our evening drive. Saw a very nice nyala and continued down the road. All of a sudden heard a buck snort and the guineas start going wild. We stopped and backed up to see what was happening and saw another car stopped. Some people told us a leopard had just run across the road in front of them. We have learned to listen for the different animal alert signals when a predator is in the area. We have learned to listen for the sounds of the baboon, various antelope, guineas and others.

We knew there was a dirt road that ran parallel to the tar road near the river and so headed down to it. There we found Helmeted Guinea Fowl screaming their hearts out. Laura looked down and spotted leopard prints in the fine sand where the leopard had crossed the road! We must be close!

We turned around toward the river and there it was!!! We saw the leopard on some rocks down by the river. It seemed very nervous as it moved to one side and looked, then the other.... Beautiful animal seemed to be being pursued by something.

We could not see what caused it to be so nervous. Maybe another leopard? Too soon it disappeared into the thick underbrush along the Sabie River and was lost to sight. We had no luck finding it again so headed on back to enjoy the sunset on the deck at Skukuza.

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