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Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen August 27th 2015

Hi all, We arrived safely in the Kruger on Sunday. Many apologies for not having blogged this week. Although we were having lots of fun this is not the reason for our lack of contact. We had no internet would you believe! After arriving at the park gates, we made our way to the first camp we were booked into, Letaba. On the way we spotted: Elephants, Fish Eagles, Vultures, Hornbill, Bats, Buffalo and Hippos. When we had unpacked the cars, we made our way to the restaurant for dinner. All feeling tired and the sky being pitch black we debated turning into bed until we realised it wasn't even 9pm! This is the problem with the sun setting so quickly here. Monday we enjoyed breakfast looking at the deer like creatures that were grazing on ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen December 29th 2014

Entered park at 2pm, drove to Mopani Camp in three hours. Saw hundreds of Bushbucks (lion food), numerous Impalas, 3 Zebras, a huge tusked elephant next to road (20 feet away from us, heart pounding) and 4 hippopotamus in a small stream. Camp is really nice. Cheap at $85 a night for our own ensuite bungalow. Will travel tomorrow AM on gravel road travels to our next camp. Roughly 4 hours looking for lions and rhinos.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen June 24th 2010

Day 9 Exhausted ……….. we got up early(ish) and went to an adventure place - first it was an hour’s quad biking (Mum - that’s the one the farmer’s boy rides on Emmerdale) through a stunning canyon, then a canopy wire trip - basically whizzing down a wire through a beautiful valley - absolutely exhilarating. I’ve done it before so that bit for me was relatively easy ….. but the platforms here were often just built into the rock 100+ft above the ground, so just standing on them was the scary bit. The other highlight though was a SA female 3 x generation family also (sometimes) literally throwing themselves into the trip, so that was the daughter, mum and gran - the result being that I now know how to swear in Afrikaans in a number ... read more
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Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen June 23rd 2010

Day 8 We spent the morning driving round the stunning mountains where we are staying before heading to the fanzone to watch the England match …….. a big mistake on 2 counts , 1) there were more staff than ‘fans’ and b) we found out 20 mins before the game the started that they were showing the USA v Alg match, not ours!!!!! (even though the only fans there were English). We ended up following a police man who took us to a hotel/ bar that was showing the game and just made it before kick-off. And phew were got through the group ……… to play the Germans. I may put one of those free bets on us losing on penalties, then at least if it happens I will win some money. ... read more
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Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen November 7th 2009

Its been awhile! My adventures in South Africa have brought a lot of challenges and enrichment to my self as a person. There have been great fantastic times and also times that I wish I was anywhere but here. Altough, as most of us know, thats the way all of life goes. I have more time to go into town. It is interesting because for a small farming town the city is very Western. There is a big mall about the size of Billings Mall or bigger. It is a beautiful town and you can sit at the country lodge drinking cocktails and feel like you are in hawaii. The vegitation and humitity feels the same as a tropical paradise. And when you are not shoveling monkey shit you can actually enjoy it. Halloween at the ... read more
Small trap cages...
Hmmm which peice is good....

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen November 3rd 2009

Back at the Monkey Foundation, we were met by a whole load of new arrivals. As a way of 'everyone getting to know everyone', someone suggested a game of Capture the Flat, which involves two teams, two flags and a lot of running about in the dark. NOT a good idea. Within minutes, me and another girl had tripped (in perfect unison) over a hidden bump on the path and ended up with skint knees and legs like little children. We hobbled up to the cottage before the blood got too bad... We were limping for a good few days afterwards, and my knees were ooooozing for about 3 weeks! Lovely! Remind me never to play that game again... Everything was going smoothly, until the weekend, when someone started feeling ill. Off they went to hospital, ... read more
Me with Ghosty
Precious at about 3 days old

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen November 2nd 2009

Well! So I've been here for 3 weeks now... Feels like forever actually! In a good way and kinda in a not so good way.... I've been really homesick for the past 2 weeks. First week I had the usual homesick jitters but as I had to focus on learning the ropes it passed but it came back and has been pretty bad. Kinda made a week or so not so good to the point where I wanted to go home last week but I'm trying to push through. Still not sure I can last the remaining 7 weeks here but I'm going to take it as it comes. Big disappointment is that the trip to Kruger National Park that I wanted to do is actually fairly expensive, works out about 250 pound. Not affordable for ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen October 20th 2009

It was an 8 hour bus ride (after almost missing our bus because we didn't realise it was the one we wanted!) to get to a town called Tzaneen. The bus ride itself wasn't very fun - one of those coaches with 2 seats on one side and 3 on the other, so all the seats are tiny. We did get to watch a Mr Bean film though :-S When we finally arrived, an hour late (which is apparently pretty good for that bus - some people arrive hours and hours behind schedule!), I was watching out of the window to see who might be picking us up. The only person I saw who I thought might be our lift was someone in a pickup, and I dismissed this immediately, since there was only 1 spare ... read more
Baby Scotch!
Fiona with her monkeys

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen October 13th 2009

Well after 31 hours plane/airport time I arrived in Pretoria at my backpackers hostel. Not Jo'burg like I thought but close enough. The guys in the hostel said that the crime has moved to Pretoria from Jo'burg so not really safe to wander on my own! As it was my room was in a seperate annex from the main house so I had to walk a block to get to it. They got one of the guys there to walk me back on the nightime. Much safer! I ate with them all too, lots of locals and we're sat watching the matrix and eating spag bol and some spicvy bean salad. Rather yummy and very surreal! So the next day I got taken to the bus station where I experienced my first South African thunder storm. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen March 11th 2008

There's just no hanging about in South Africa, alarms set of 6am, apparently when the sun has risen it's time to live the day. Prepared all the the food in the morning and then I got to watch Steve clean out the baboon enclosure. There's 4 young rascals in there about 1-2 years old. Steve was virtually unrecognisable when he emerged, what a mission, they purposely jumped in water and muck and then on Steve, if a baboon could laugh they'd be cracking right up. Also watched in clinic where the poorly babies had their lumps de-pussed - nice! Spent the rest of the afternoon hacking up a gurt big pile of cabbages. A 1 and half meter snake skin was found in the laundery room but no snake - slightly worrying! Went in with the ... read more
Poorly Joe!
Poorly Joe!

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