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November 2nd 2009
Published: November 2nd 2009
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Well! So I've been here for 3 weeks now... Feels like forever actually! In a good way and kinda in a not so good way....
I've been really homesick for the past 2 weeks. First week I had the usual homesick jitters but as I had to focus on learning the ropes it passed but it came back and has been pretty bad. Kinda made a week or so not so good to the point where I wanted to go home last week but I'm trying to push through. Still not sure I can last the remaining 7 weeks here but I'm going to take it as it comes.
Big disappointment is that the trip to Kruger National Park that I wanted to do is actually fairly expensive, works out about 250 pound. Not affordable for me unfortunately. Was only told we'd need around 260 pound for the whole time we're here to include touring days so not saved enough. Gutted!

Anyway, so.... I'm in South Africa! I'm working with monkeys which is pretty special, once in a lifetime experience. The work is seriously damn hard but its great to see the monkeys happy. My section is pretty much special diets and then in the afternoons I get put in various different places. I was given top section as my section but the girl who trained me on it and left has changed her planes and come back so its back to her section. Although, I do love the monkeys up there its kinda annoying but hey ho! (considering I'm sat here listening to her complain about me working on it tomorrow instead of here) The politics of this place!

So, there are some monkeys who for whatever reason need to have their diets controlled I prepare them all, some are taken out by the people working in that area the rest I take out. The monkeys I take their food to all have their own little personalities.
Ema hangs back while Marshall hangs on the door trying to grab the food before I can get in. He then runs over to grab what he wants before Ema has chance to. Frenchie eyes me suspiciously while I put the plates down, she's sulking with us because we have had to take her daughter Nyla into sickbay.
Sherman can be seen before he's heard. Screeches until he can see me in front of his cage then sits on a concrete base so he can sit comfortably while he eats. Very cute.
Skunky, one of my favourites runs around bleating at me and stands up so he can get to his plate before I put it down, he tries to gulp his rehydration water from the tub before its poured. Chunky monkey....
Skinny sits at the door waiting for me to come in then runs away when I come in. Mini hides by the water bowl so when I come in she jumps at my ankles and bites them, very funny and very cute.
Ghosty, my special friend paces around as I approach and tries to run into the airlock when I come in. He then wanders across to me to see whats on the menu, he's the only one who gets a variation as he's such a picky bugger! He goes straight for his elevated care bowl, which is a creamy drink solution to give his extra nutrients. He has a mouth tumour so cant eat much, he also get Pronutro porridge which is takes the bowl and sits on his chair with it to eat. He's amazing :-)
Chico grunts at Jana so he gets the good bits first, always follows me across his cage and tries to reach up my legs to the plates. Jana just hides on the branches above. Bless her.

Thats just a bit of my day! The monkeys are ace, Elf in sickbay is hilarious, very cheeky and does his best to make your life difficult but so funny you cant get mad at him!

Signing off now! Will try to update soon!


4th November 2009

Hang in there!
Hi, Natalie. Sounds like there's some bad with the good, huh? I'm really sorry that you don't get to do Kruger; I know what a disappointment that must be. I sincerely hope that things get better for you. I'll be arriving on Monday - See you soon! Melissa

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