It’s About the Hunt

Published: October 15th 2018
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“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy” – Ernest Hemingway Somewhere we read the words below and it gave us pause about the life in South Africa, “On these grounds, the plains of Africa we come in search of animal sightings. We are not at the zoo and these animals are predators. The life in their clan or their pride is a life of survival, eat or be eaten.... Read Full Entry

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Strange looking animalsStrange looking animals
Strange looking animals

Slink along looking guilty..lots of Hyenas
Another KuduAnother Kudu
Another Kudu

They are everywhere.
Brutus on SafariBrutus on Safari
Brutus on Safari

Wants to play with the elephants
Lion on guardLion on guard
Lion on guard

Keeping an eye on their kill
Bachelor group of lionsBachelor group of lions
Bachelor group of lions

Hunting together
Nhlaralumi RiverNhlaralumi River
Nhlaralumi River

Timbavati Nature Reserve

... after the kill.
Always on the lookoutAlways on the lookout
Always on the lookout

Predators are everywhere
A bit blurry.. darnA bit blurry.. darn
A bit blurry.. darn

Looking for a snack
Our tentOur tent
Our tent

Simbavati River Lodge
Inside our tentInside our tent
Inside our tent

Simbaviti River Lodge
Hyena scoping out the territoryHyena scoping out the territory
Hyena scoping out the territory

An opportunistic animal
Giraffe drinkingGiraffe drinking
Giraffe drinking

Those crazy long legs

Food for many animals. They need to learn to run faster.
Termite moundTermite mound
Termite mound

They come in all sizes. Amazingly big

15th October 2018

Greetings from Maryland
Hi Merry Jo and Dave! I have read every word of your blog posts and couldn't let another one go by without telling you how impressed I am! Your South African trip is too amazing for words but somehow you have done exactly that! I know what a terrific nurse you are but I didn't know about your talent for writing! When reading your story, I feel like I'm right there watching the lions feast or see the giraffe running! We have two big trips planned and I would like to take you along to write about them! And now I think we need to plan a trip to South Africa! We have a family connection to South Africa so that may actually be a possibility! May God continue to bless you on this adventure! Carol Diachenko
15th October 2018

Greetings from Maryland
Carol, thrilled that you are following along. We’ll be more than happy to go along and do your writing. Our trip is amazing. Loving safari and loving Africa. You add this to your list. MJ
15th October 2018

You're in Africa and it is snowing in Minnesota
Sounds amazing. What a birthday celebration.
15th October 2018

Snowing in Minnesota
Dennis and Dan, I feel certain you are hunkered down in front of a fireplace with the appropriate beverage. Snow this time of year is expected. Yes, this is the grandest of birthday celebrations. My dear sweet husband told me to design what I wanted. Yippie. Chat soon, MJ
15th October 2018

The hunter and the hunted!
Hi Guys, It seems you're enjoying every single moment. There's can be nowhere quite like Africa for the great mammals of this little world of ours. Enjoy every moment!
15th October 2018

The hunter and the hunted
We have a few birds in this blog but the next one will have e more. Hopefully, you can help us identify them. We want to live in the moment on Safari and n to take notes. We think we will remember all the names but that does not happen. As you can see we have birds in this one that we didn't identify. These animals are amazing.
15th October 2018

What a treat!
Enjoyed reading and seeing your encounters in the bush. Brutus looks a bit scared.
16th October 2018

What a treat
The trip is amazing. All that I dreamed it would be. Thanks for following along. Brutus is not the tough guy that I imagine. I guess he’s worried he’ll become a snack. He’s looking forward to the beaches of Seychelles.
15th October 2018

Game drives
Its sad to think that when you go on a "game" drive, by definition you are searching for animals or birds that are hunted by humans to be killed. "Game" by definition are animals hunted for sport or food. I find it interesting that a game drive in the tourist world is more often "hunting" for non-domesticated (wild) animals to be observed and photographed, shifting the definition somewhat. Yet there are those tourists who wish to hunt with the object to kill purely for the thrill of the kill under the guise of sport. Fortunately attitudes seem to be changing. The beauty of game reserves is they are conservation areas with the determination the animals are within fenced areas, not hunted by humans to be killed but are there to be able to thrive and be admired. Yet the word "game" remains in the titles. Gotta say it is wonderful that you are embracing the concept of conservation of these animals and birds that are the ethos of Africa...having the time of your life hunting for them in the wild...for the sole purpose of observation and photographing them. Maybe over time the word "game" no longer is synonymous with "meat"! Great pics by the way!
16th October 2018

Game drives
Your point is well taken... but the verbiage has changed and now it is referring to a photo safari. I think that speaks to the work they have done and been successful to decrease but not end the poaching of animals. They are very animal centric these days and can speak to all of the things they are doing to keep them safe all our photography. MJ
16th October 2018

Game drives
Dangerous Dave are spot on in your observation regarding the use of "game." Before our trip, I would often let people know we were going on a "photo safari" because to me, the word "safari" indicated a hunt to kill. I am so very pleased that the game reserves are in place, so the animals can be safe and also so that we can enjoy them. Our voyage has been a blast to this point...never thought I would see so many wonderful creatures.
16th October 2018

“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy"
"True at First Light". Yes, he was Hemingway, my favourite author. But no, we are talking about your blog here. Simply brilliant! It reminds me the days I had in Kenya last February and I am looking forward for Tanzania in Nov. But you guys are lucky, saw the kills and the leopard. You know I spent two nights open in the game reserve, dark and alone in Tsavo waiting to see an elusive luck. And the termite mound...oh my God...aren't they something? Looking forward to reading more and more and more...please don't stop....the wild life never ends...Thank you for sharing (the blog I mean, not the champagne...hahaha)
16th October 2018

Happy in Africa
Certainly you will find the elusive Leopard in your next visit. If not, head to South Africa... more Leopard stories in the next blog. We never tire of looking for all of these amazing animals and they all have wonderful personalities... even those who do not have the Big 5 status. Ah,... no sharing of the champagne as sadly it went too quickly.
16th October 2018

Very well written
Hello: This is an excellent experience....and well documented too! May I ask which company you hired for your Safari? It seems they really took care of you. Thank you. Samuel
16th October 2018

Well written
Sam, yes we have been extremely well taken care of and that is what I wanted for this birthday celebration. We’ve had to do little for ourselves. At the bottom of the blog I included our agent’s name. Nadia Eckhardt She provided everything we were looking for and more. If you contact her let her know you read our blog. This is the trip of a lifetime.
16th October 2018

Great Stuff
Fall is just arriving here in the Po Valley of Italy. At our winery, the harvest has ended, the grapes crushed, and the fermentation has finished. To be able to sit down and read this blog is a wonderful respite from the stress of the last month. D and MJ have a unique ability to transport one thousands of miles into another part of the world, and make the reader part of their joyful adventure. Thank you.
16th October 2018

Great Stuff
Thank you for your kind words. We hope our readers feel like they are on the journey with us. We like to provide insights for those who have never done this type of trip. Please visit us in Florida. We keep telling people about your lovely winery and fantastic wines. Hopefully, they will visit. Thanks again for commenting.
3rd November 2018

Wow, what amazing photos! Well done on being able to spot so much - a leopard, a lion kill, and giraffes running - amazing! 😊
3rd November 2018

It truly was an amazing experience. We saw far more than we could have expected. Our timing was very good. I loved the giraffes running.
1st December 2018

Out of Africa
Since I saw that movie Africa has been on my travel wish list. You’ve had an amazing experience and I love the style of travel ...that’s a a super “tent”. As I’ve been on the road these past months I haven’t really had time to read your blogs properly so am doing so now on a rainy NZ day !
1st December 2018

Out of Africa
No rush on reading the blogs. They will be there and we want you to relax and enjoy them. These were luxury tents. We've saved for this trip a long time. It was all I could have imagined and more.
7th December 2018

Great Trip!
I'm happy to see that you enjoyed your trip, and jealous that you saw a leopard!
7th December 2018

Great Trip!
It was a great trip. We saw several Leopards and they are amazing. Thank you for following along. Thank you for commenting.
27th December 2018

Ah yes, those lions...
Hello MJ and D! The lion encounters in the wild are adrenaline provoking to say the least! It’s because they saunter so slyly and you have no idea what’s going on in that head full of mane. One minute they are still, the next they are on a mission, and all you can do is hold your breath and pray it doesn’t take another step towards you... So much fun! Lol
28th December 2018

Those Lions
They do saunter so slyly and at times you don't fear them and that is a mistake. Loved our trip. Thank you for following along and commenting.

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