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July 19th 2008
Published: July 19th 2008
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From Rush - Nana I hope you are not mad but we saw 2 White Rhinos! We already seen 4 of the big 5. We just need to see the leopard. e have 1 and 1/2 days left. I'm pretty sure we will see a jaguar in the time we have left. We saw a cheetah today while we were looking for an elephant herd. While we were out on safari we stopped to have tea, hot chocolate and coffee. Weve already seen Imalas. they are a striped Impala. They will let you pet them because they are so tame. There have been multiple monkey sightings in the camp, but no baboons. There have also been warthogs in the camp. Thats all I have to say for the middle of the day. BYE !!!!

From Matt - We flew in yesterday afternoon and Rush spotted warthogs from the air as we landed! On the short drive to our camp we saw giraffes! Not even started and Rush was already squealing with delight. We arrived at camp just as the afternoon drive was beginning so we changed vehicles and took off. Within 5 minutes we came around a bend and there

Cape Buffalo and Red-billed Oxpecker
was a full grown male lion sitting in the road just chillin!! There were three females just about 10 yds away and we finnaly spotted what they were gathered around. The carcass of a zebra. All we could see was the leg sticking up between the trees. Before the 3 hour drive was over we had seen an old male elephant, Cape buffalo, monkeys and lots of DLA ( deer like animals) Rush can now id all of them and I still cannot keep them all straight!
We got a wake up at 6 am and after coffee took off to find a herd of elephants that were south of us. We ended up in the middle of a herd of about 50! They were eating and just hanging out. Occasionally you would hear a large branch cracking and breaking. Elephants are easy to track because they tear up a lot trees. We just sat in the midst of them for about 30 minutes in awe! Leaving the elephants we came across a cheetah! I think he knew Miss Kitty!
So sorry about the photo situation but I promise we will post some as soon as it is feasable! I'm
Find the Hippo !Find the Hippo !Find the Hippo !

Sadly, the only hippo we saw.
surprised we even get Internet service out here so I'm not going to complain that it is dial up speed! In fact I'm not going to complain about anything! The food is fantastic here, the staff is awesome and our guides are very knowledgable.
As rush said we have already seen 4 of the Big 5 and still have lots of time. If all works out we will take a hot air ballon ride tomorrow at sunrise. Still the adventure of a lifetime. Love to all.

From Vance - probably the most unique part of the trip....driving around in an open top range rover...rush is so excited, the facilities are great, had a hot shower in j'Burg after 4 days of cold water....folks here at monwana are very gracious and the food is awesome....my soul is missing something, and she waits for me in abilene....jett is at seaworld and i think his vocabulary has increased two fold since we left...while rush was trying to tell him about all the animals he saw, jett could only tell him about the dolphins and whales and roller coaster.....all is good, we plan to take a hot-air baloon ride over kruger park tomorrow

Sat in a herd of about 50 and watched them eat and play.
morning....will try to do the photos when we get to paris....

Additional photos below
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Nyala in our campNyala in our camp
Nyala in our camp

One of Dorothys offspring
Count the kittys!Count the kittys!
Count the kittys!

A Coalition of Cheetahs
Monwana water holeMonwana water hole
Monwana water hole

Right behind our "cabin"
Chillin' CheetahChillin' Cheetah
Chillin' Cheetah

This one has a collar for tracking and research.

19th July 2008

Can't wait to see some Pictures
Sounds like a fascinating trip. I hope we will be able to see pictures from the blog. I have enjoyed reading about the trip and seeing another part of the world through Rush's eyes. What a trip of a lifetime for all. Thanks again for letting us share.
19th July 2008

...tres magnifique! I can't wait to hear of the breath-taking view you should have tomorrow. I'm sure the hot air balloon adventure at sunrise would be one even this late morning sleeper would get up early to experience. God is good! Love you all! Sis
20th July 2008

We are home
We just got back from San Antonio, we didn't see the animals you did but I don't think you will see the ones we saw either (the ones at Sea World). It was great to be there and Uncle Gayle met us, she rode the roller coaster with Jett. We are missing ya'll more and more everyday. I'm glad I'm home and able to get back to the computer to read your stories. Rush's keeps getting shorter and shorter, is he getting too busy or just too tired? Well we are short timing now til we meet again at DFW. We love ya'll, Kiss yourselves for me. Willie and Jett

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