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Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach July 6th 2015

I have no idea how to start to write this blog. Here we are in South Africa for the first three weeks of the school holidays. Yes, one more school year is over. Tiffany managed to get 8 Bs, 4 Cs and one D...for Leslie it's one A*, 3 As and 3 Bs. They are following the British International Curriculum, and let put it simply, they deserve their holidays...and I can be slightly proud of the way they did at school. As some say....with such surely don't do everything! Leslie has three more years till University, and five for Tiffany....and we are already starting to make choices for the future. All this may sound pretty weird when a lot of my friends are deep in nappies! So first disclaimer...if everything is going fine, I'm ... read more
Here, they call them "crayfish", 4 of them for...12usd...
Tiffany down the Oribi Gorge...that was mad!
Oceanic Black curious...ask Leslie!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay June 25th 2015

As I stand on the verandah sipping my hot coffee at 6am, I can see the tops of the sand dunes peeking out from the rolling mists that engulf the landscape. A bright yellow ball bursts over the horizon, casting light and shadow over the hazy dunes. This is the start of a diving day in Sodwana Bay. There is just one road which leads through dense green bush towards the beach, and we trundle along, our bakkie loaded with gear. Vervet monkeys leap across the road and disappear into the trees. To get to the beach, you must enter the marine reserve, and park up before climbing a hill - essentially a concreted sand dune - which curves down on to the beach. To left and right, the tall, steep dunes stretch as far as ... read more
Tractor Tracks

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay June 19th 2015

Why is it that the places you don’t plan to go to always turn out to be the best experiences? On a (planned) trip through the Drakensberg, we spent one night (unplanned) in a small town by the banks of the Tugella river. However pretty our camping spot, though, we swiftly realised that there was nothing to do in the town beyond gaze at the dilapidated shops and stock up on day-old pasties at the Spar. A quick Google search revealed a nature reserve nearby, so off we set. Much of the African bush looks the same, but that doesn’t stop it from being beautiful every time, with its long golden grass, green acacia trees, and red-brown earth. Spionkop was no exception, no length of time spent on this continent will take away the excitement of ... read more
Spionkop Dam and Drakensburg Mountains
Sunrise at Spionkop
Spionkop Nature Reserve

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Dundee May 20th 2015

Not for the first time, I am starting off another blog entry recalling the state I was in the morning after a heavy night’s drinking. And once again I am telling you that I didn’t actually feel that bad…because I was still drunk. With a five hour drive ahead of me, I did the sensible thing and had breakfast before waiting a couple of hours to sober up. What was supposed to be five hours ended up being six-and-a-half, with just one stop for petrol in Melmoth. I generally like making as few stops as possible when I am on the road – I just like to keep going as long as I can to get the journey over with. Also, you forget you’re hungover when you’re too busy concentrating on the road. Keeping yourself busy ... read more
British Soldier
Laager Wagons
Analysing The Battle Of Isandlwana

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Saint Lucia May 18th 2015

With Durban now done, it was time to go off the BazBus trail for a little while as I caught a shuttle to King Shaka Airport to pick up a hire car. It was nice to get behind the wheel again and it was also nice to know that in South Africa, cars drive on the same side of the road as the UK and NZ. I got an awesome deal on the car – just £83 for 11 days – less than £8 a day! You notice a lot more things on the road when you become the driver as opposed to being a passenger – like how South African drivers tailgate you. Slow cars are expected to pull onto the hard shoulder in order to let faster cars pass and to honest, I actually ... read more
Rhinos On The Road
Katerina & The Waves

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban May 15th 2015

Romance. It didn’t happen to me, but it did happen on my BazBus to Durban between two passengers. It reminded me of the transience of travelling – after a couple of days, they’ll probably never see each other again. It was almost exactly like that Ethan Hawke film Before Sunrise when two backpackers meet on a train in Europe and decide to get off in Vienna where they spend all night walking the streets of the city and falling in love – only for the girl to catch a train back to France in the morning, never to see each other again. Travelling solo can get lonely – especially during low season – so I’ll admit that there was a part of me wishing it was happening to me. Boastfulness. It’s not a good look. I’ve ... read more
Moses Mabhida Stadium
City Hall
Beachside Promenade

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal April 19th 2015

Zondag 19 april 2015 8e vakantiedag Vandaag gaan we Swaziland alweer verlaten. We worden vandaag iets minder natuurlijk wakker want één van de bussen die vlak bij de Beehives geparkeerd staan, besluit om 6.00 uur zijn motor te starten en deze een poosje te laten draaien. De vogels zijn meteen stil en de Impala's komen vanmorgen niet grazen bij de hutten. Na een bakkie koffie pakken we de boel in en op weg naar het ontbijt gooien we vast het een en ander in de auto. We zitten op ons inmiddels vaste plekkie bij het water. Vanmorgen is er ook een buffet en er wordt ter plaatse eitjes naar smaak gebakken, Bert kiest een spiegelei en ik laat een lekker omeletje fabriceren. Gebakken bacon, worstje, toast, koffie en sap maken het geheel af! De overgebleven stukjes ... read more
Vrachtwagens met suikerriet in Swaziland

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban April 14th 2015

Richards Bay was our first port of call in South Africa. It is an important seaport because of the proximity of minerals for export and it is the gateway to many of the game parks and to "The Big Five." These are the trophy animals: elephant, leopard, rhino, lion and Cape buffalo that everyone wants to see in the wild. In previous years, we have taken a number of game drives and short safari trips. This time we needed to get some essentials for the last month on board. So we went to a modern mall and it was quite an eye opener. Malls are a way of life in South Africa as they provide a safe environment for not only shopping but also for dining, entertainment and socializing. In a country which has a rather ... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Saint Lucia March 17th 2015

En route pour le nord du pays on s'arrête au parc naturel d'iSimangalo, dans le village de Saint Lucia. Dès l'entrée de la ville la couleur est annoncée avec des panneaux routiers ; ici il peut y avoir des hippopotames partout dans les rues et ils ont tous les droits (sans compter qu'ils n'aiment pas trop notre compagnie donc c'est pas la peine de s'approcher...) On part une journée explorer le parc naturel avec notre petite voiture. Pour la première fois je suis au volant au milieu de tous ces animaux, avec Catherine en copilote, la carte à la main et scrutant le paysage à la recherche d'animaux. Ici on est entre mer et terre, avec le lac de Saint Lucia d'un coté et la mer de l'autre. Vitesse limitée, on n'a pas envie d'entrer en ... read more
Un pieton a cote de moi
La couleur est annoncee !
A la soupe !

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Umkomaas March 16th 2015

Umkomaas n'était initialement pas prévu au planning de notre virée en voiture sur la côte est mais on décide de s'y arrêter pour plonger sur le récif d'Aliwal Shoal, bien connu en Afrique du Sud. On prend nos quartiers dans une petite pension au bord de la mer et à coté du centre de plongée. Le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est qu'on ne se sera pas arrêtées pour rien. Un groupe de requin taureau, qui normalement migrent vers le nord à la fin de l'été austral est resté dans le coin et on se fait un plaisir d'aller les voir dans leur grotte. Ce sont des requins impressionnants car leur mâchoire est tout le temps visible mais ils sont placides voire un peu feignant et se laissent approcher de très près. Durant une plongée le courant ... read more
Notre premiere girafe !
Une tortue et moi

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