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Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay June 25th 2015

As I stand on the verandah sipping my hot coffee at 6am, I can see the tops of the sand dunes peeking out from the rolling mists that engulf the landscape. A bright yellow ball bursts over the horizon, casting light and shadow over the hazy dunes. This is the start of a diving day in Sodwana Bay. There is just one road which leads through dense green bush towards the beach, and we trundle along, our bakkie loaded with gear. Vervet monkeys leap across the road and disappear into the trees. To get to the beach, you must enter the marine reserve, and park up before climbing a hill - essentially a concreted sand dune - which curves down on to the beach. To left and right, the tall, steep dunes stretch as far as ... read more
Tractor Tracks

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay June 19th 2015

Why is it that the places you don’t plan to go to always turn out to be the best experiences? On a (planned) trip through the Drakensberg, we spent one night (unplanned) in a small town by the banks of the Tugella river. However pretty our camping spot, though, we swiftly realised that there was nothing to do in the town beyond gaze at the dilapidated shops and stock up on day-old pasties at the Spar. A quick Google search revealed a nature reserve nearby, so off we set. Much of the African bush looks the same, but that doesn’t stop it from being beautiful every time, with its long golden grass, green acacia trees, and red-brown earth. Spionkop was no exception, no length of time spent on this continent will take away the excitement of ... read more
Spionkop Dam and Drakensburg Mountains
Sunrise at Spionkop
Spionkop Nature Reserve

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay July 19th 2013

I decided to do the South African coast to coast drive from east to west; starting in Sodwana Bay and ending in Cape Town. Sightseeing and diving were the main goals. I gathered information from different sources about places, things to do, dive companies, people to meet and stay with, etc. I also picked up a copy of the "Coast to Coast Guide". This is the link to the guide's website: It proved to be a handful little guide and it's oriented towards backpackers. While I was in Nelspruit a few days before, Avi, one of the guys that was temporarily running the guesthouse I stayed in, asked me if I could drive him to Sodwana. He wanted to spend the last bit of time he had left in SA doing some diving, before returning ... read more
Boat ride to the reef
Manta @ 2 Mile Reef
2 Mile Reef

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay August 23rd 2012

On leaving St. Lucia, my next destination was Sodwana Bay. Again, this is not an easy place to get to without your own transport and I knew it might be a bit of an effort. Firstly, I had to take the return journey to Mthubathuba. I found a minibus, but they said it would cost me 250 rand, despite the journey a couple of days in the opposite direction costing 17 rand. I resolved to try hitch, but got no joy from the many holidaying white South Africans, who clearly would never dream of picking up a smelly backpacker. Funnily enough, about 20 minutes later, the minibus that had tried to charge 250 rand passed by, this time half full with passengers and this time agreeing to let me on for the correct price. At Mthubathuba, ... read more
Local Hair Salon

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay March 21st 2012

Steve and I took a memorable trip to Natal... Thank you my love! xxx... read more
Natal trip (002) Jozini Dam
Natal trip (003) Jozini Dam
Natal trip (010) Jozini Tiger Lodge

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay January 13th 2012

Heute haben wir endlich mal ausgeschlafen und Bettina hat mich ert um 7 Uhr geweckt (da wir gestern aber auch schon um halb neun in der Kiste lagen, war dies durchaus genug Schlaf). Nach einem leckeren Frühstück mit frischen Mangos machten wir uns auf zum Kosi Mouth an der Grenze zu Mozambique. Hier dürfte Bettina wieder einen kleinen Offroadkurs belegen - diesmal im Fähren durch sandige Wege. Angekommen im Paradies wateten wir Badenixen durchs seichte Wasser und ließen und an einer großen Sandbank nieder, die wir ganz für uns alleine hatten - ein Traum.... nach ein paar Stunden und einem kleinen Schnorchelausflug kehrten wir wieder zurück - es war auch langsam Zeit, da ich schon mehr rot als braun war. Weiter ging's zum Sodwana Bay, wo wir unseren 5 Mann Bungalow in Strandnähe bezogen. Mit einem ... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay June 3rd 2011

hey everyone, this was is sodwana bay.... it was amazing!... read more
Africa 3 196
Africa 3 197
Africa 3 198

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay January 11th 2011

Fired up the red fire engine and left at 5.30am, always have to leave in the dark, and always have to take egg sandwiches as well. It's something we used to do before there were Wimpys along the way and now both kids insist they have to have egg sandwiches or its not a real holiday. The drive was uneventful – which for us is a bonus as we normally manage at least one flat tyre – apart from the potholed road and the roadworks where we had to sit and wait for the traffic to pass one lane at a time. Arrived at Sodwana mid afternoon, very hot and sunny, pretty cramped pitch considering we had 2 large tents and 2 vehicles to park and of course deciding where to pitch the tents took the ... read more
Bumpy road at Kozi Bay

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay July 8th 2010

Wetsuite 2 : BN 0 The morning after our ride we ate a filling breakfast and headed out for more safari adventures, this time on horse back. We met our guide, hair extensions, manicured nails and all, down a muddy road just outside the park. Right onto the horses we jumped and off into the South African bush we rode. Again we saw all sorts of wildlife, adding Wildebeest to our list. It was amazing riding through the tall African grass spotting herds of Zebra’s and lone Bushbuck’s. After a while our guide suggested a short trot and Bri, who was on a horse for the first time, started to look a bit nervous. But she was game and with some encouragement and a short lesson, off we went with Bri doing splendidly. Soon after we ... read more
Bush Riding!
Bri looking like a natural
Common Zebra's

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Sodwana Bay June 3rd 2010

So I decided to go down to SA to meet Jay (that did the divemaster with me in Tofo) for the Sodwana shootout. It took me 23 hours and 4 buses, 1 taxi , 1 normal car and 3 blown tires to make it almost all the way. The first tires blew so violently that the it slit a hole in the bus, injuring one of the passengers and making sure the rest of us were black with road dust by the time we got to Maputo! I took the road through Swaziland which is such a scenic route and I stayed at a lovely backpackers, the same one me, Jim and Suus stayed at in November. After 2 more buses and numerous hours at the border i made it to Hlue Hluwe (brilliant name). I ... read more
my 2nd entry
my 1st entry winning pic!
rubber lip

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