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February 3rd 2009
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bite or stingbite or stingbite or sting

looks worse than it feels
We're leaving South Africa in 2 days time. But I've had just enough time to be bitten or stung by something (see photo) it looks worse than it feels, it doesn't hurt unless the area is touched and then it burns. The pharmacist suggested a jelly fish sting, although I've been in the sea a lot I don't remember feeling anything sting me. There are many things that bite sting or itch here so it could be anything. Because of the heat we'd love to open the widows at night but all manner of dangerous winged characters invite themselves in so it can't be done. At more or less the same time as the rash on my side flared up the skin under my right eye has swollen up and crusted a little making me look like I've been punched. I don't really know if the two things are connected but I've got the right pills and creams to bring everything down and they are working.
The pharmacist thought my side looked like something posionous had got to me and said that if I get a fever and headache to come back for antibiotics. But I don't feel ill or sick, so I suppose that must mean I'm officially harder than nature, haha.

For me the St Lucia river trip was the best thing here in St Lucia and the photos here are from the third time I went on the boat. I was like a kid with a fair ground ride, as soon as I got off the boat I wanted to go on again. It costs 120 rand (8 pds) I can't think of anything that lasts for two hours that's better value for 8 quid. Its off season so the boats are half empty. I noticed the boat with the quietest engine goes from a jetty out of town near a bridge, and the boats going from the jetty in town are busier. It makes a difference to go on a quiet boat. St Lucia is on the coach package deal tourist circuit that after here probably goes to the Kruger National Park. It looks like people from these busses are in each others company all day every day for the full two weeks they are on holiday, and as such they talk at the pitch of being at an office party all the time, even on the boat. I think on these coach tours they whip the people round from one photo opportunity to the next but the people actually never get the time to just sit, shut up, and absorb their surroundings. But they're leaving Africa with photographs of lion and elephant and they've bought some zulu bead necklaces so they're going home happy.
The last time I did the river cruise I did it with my mum and only 2 other people showed up, and they were quiet. It was like as sailing through a TV widlife documentary.

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goliath herongoliath heron
goliath heron

they can reach 1.4 metres in height, wing span 2 metres

they don't offer much in the way of entertainment

10th February 2009

St Lucia
Thanks for a brilliant holiday - thouroughly enjoyed it - hope to see you when you make it to Berlize
11th February 2009

Lynn you look so well and tanned. John your blogs are fantastic, keep me going in the freezing Manchester snow! Keep well, and enjoy Borneo.... Much love Janice

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