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November 9th 2008
Published: November 9th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello all again, it lovely to read your messages that you have left for me... keeps me going in the between the weeks of no internet!!

So, this last week has been exciting, my little sojourn into the unknown wilds of South Africa has been interesting, and different to living back in Kanyamazane. Leaving the hostel in Nelspuit last week, saw me get on a bus for Swaziland instead of jo'burg (intentional), so i ended up in the middle of the lushest, greenest place in SA i have seen so far. Swaziland has a different vibe to it, you can't put your finger on it, but its more 'relaxed' than SA, excenuated (a word?) by the fact that its a monarchy in charge, King Mswati III, (14 wives by the way... lucky bugger...although one recently tried to get away... but didn't manage it), and it leaves you with a sense of tradition not so ravaged by social problems like SA.

Anyways, have embarked on the usual tourist fair, a cultural tour to a traditional village, very clean, complete with singing and dancing SiSwati's and a big cockeral. Waterfalls were beautiful etc... Rode a horse for the first time ever, it was only a trop but in my mind i was galloping away, whisteling the Blaze of Glory soundtrack to meself! Also partaken in the usual meeting random other backpackers, going different places together, getting a truelly European experiance of Africa (make sense?)

Today, headed down to the coast to St. Lucia... got a tropical feel down here, the aligators and the hippo's share the beach and the estuary with the humans... so interesting!

Anyway, life in South Africa goes on, people here are more Afrikaneer, and everybody walks slow, but its nice to be chilled out though!

Take care

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