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October 8th 2008
Published: October 8th 2008
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Here are some photos from our last days in South Africa. After baseball in Durban and and saying goodbye to Thanda, we rented a car and drove north to Hluhluwe National Park, a game reserve several hours north of Durban. We spent a day there, two nights, and then headed back to Durban to catch our flight back to Europe. ***Don't forget to check page 2 of this blog for the crocodile pictures!!!! You'll see a real crocodile hunter who is missing four fingers he lost during his crocodile adventures!!!

Additional photos below
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Hluhluwe National ParkHluhluwe National Park
Hluhluwe National Park

Our final 'adventure' in South Africa was a trip up to this National Game Reserve. It was as could be expected--breathtaking. Really fun.

sorry--I just had to say that.
Our Safari carOur Safari car
Our Safari car

not the ideal car for trekking through the wilderness, but it did the trick.

sadly we did not see any lions or leopards or cheetahs, but we were lucky to see one elephant up-close. They are huge, supernatural beings.
spreading his earsspreading his ears
spreading his ears

As we drove the car in front of the elephant, he appeared to become uneasy--as if us being directly in front of him was threatening. He immediately spread his huge ears to show he was on alert.

this is the national animal in South Africa.

during the heat of the day, all of the zebras seemed to couple up and just sort of stand like this. In pairs, nuzzling. kind of cute.
no fearno fear
no fear

the zebras, of all the animals, seemed to be the least phased by our car. They had no problem walking right by the car, in fact often we had to wait for zebras who were in no hurry to get out of the road.
Bush babiesBush babies
Bush babies

At the hostel where we stayed for two nights they would set out a plate of fruit every night, and like magic these animals would come down from the tree canopy to eat dinner. They are called 'bush babies.' They are so cute! Though I don't know that I would want to come too close!

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