Hluhluwe Safari and Crocodile Creek!

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October 8th 2008
Published: October 8th 2008
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Here are some photos from our last days in South Africa. After baseball in Durban and and saying goodbye to Thanda, we rented a car and drove north to Hluhluwe National Park, a game reserve several hours north of Durban. We spent a day there, two nights, and then headed back to Durban to catch our flight back to Europe. ***Don't forget to check page 2 of this blog for the crocodile pictures!!!!... Read Full Entry

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Crocodile CreekCrocodile Creek
Crocodile Creek

A short visit with crocodiles on our way back to Durban.
croc creekcroc creek
croc creek

this place is sort of a small croc zoo, there to raise awareness and understanding of crocodiles. It is also a 'farm,' in that it sells croc skins and meat to make money.
The big oneThe big one
The big one

This tour guide/croc expert was incredible. He would get so close to the crocs you would not believe--and he had this thick South African accent, he really was a real live 'Crocodile Hunter'. He told us stories of his adventures.
Big guyBig guy
Big guy

at the croc center, you cannot put more than one male in a single pen because they are extremely aggressive and territorial. This guy, the biggest one, lived in one pen with seven 'wives.'
lying aroundlying around
lying around

there were so many crocodiles. About 7,000 in all. They were all just lying all over each other.
big snakesbig snakes
big snakes

i have a problem with names. This is a boaconstricter i think. it was about 18 feet long.
baby crocodilebaby crocodile
baby crocodile

we all got to touch this one.
A casino outside of DurbanA casino outside of Durban
A casino outside of Durban

Can you believe this place? Looks like a huge temple, or Mosque or something. I thought it was a palace until I passed the entrance and saw signs for a casino.
Home sweet homeHome sweet home
Home sweet home

Viktorija, happy to be back in Kaunas, Lithuania, after six months on the road.

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