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August 9th 2010
Published: August 14th 2010
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I really enjoyed my time in Pretoria with my friend Juanita. It was a much needed break for both of us, and a hard call to be away from our kids for the long weekend. Living in Kenya where we pay for help in the house is often seen as the “easy” option, but without family support and friends supporting us who have known us at the most 2 years, is a tough ask. Murray was very supportive of the trip and I had our helper do some extra hours to help out.

We enjoyed cheaper shopping, and a huge variety of shops. Charlotte has been wearing clothes that are either too small or too big for her. Items I’ve purchased at a local second hand market as I refuse to pay the inflated shop prices. Also the girls have been wearing socks that are embarrassingly small for them. I enjoyed filling my 30kg suitcase allowance with clothes for Charlotte mainly, shoes, underwear, socks, pjs, lunch boxes, kids drink bottles, kids plates, childrens vitamins, pregnancy vitamins etc. And even managed some clothes for me, toys for the kids for Christmas, and a few pressies for Murray.

We enjoyed eating
Day 2 shopping damageDay 2 shopping damageDay 2 shopping damage

this is actually taken half way through the day, it got worse :)
out, we were both actually shaking with excitement as we ate our first McDonalds Cheeseburgers, how sad!! We did eat at nicer places once the fast food cravings had been satisfied. We enjoyed a movie and a show, and finished off the marathon shopping weekend with a spa day. We were pampered and definitely more relaxed when we arrived home to some very excited kids and relieved husbands.

Not something I plan on doing a lot, considering I’ve only been away from Charlotte overnight when I was in hospital with Hayley, but something I definitely needed and enjoyed. Now ready to face the rest of the year, before our trip home to New Zealand in December to have baby number 3.

Murray heads off to Haiti next week, via Paris, so look out for his update on what is sure to be a great trip.


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15 months old
Hayley sucking on a pork boneHayley sucking on a pork bone
Hayley sucking on a pork bone

unlike her vege sis, she loves meat!!

14th August 2010

Good work!
Well done sis, I am so glad you had a much deserved break, and did some serious damage to the credit card. You're looking really good for a 20 weeker - go you. I can't wait till Nov either - see you then xx
14th August 2010

Cute pics!
Cute pics of the kiddies! Why is Hayley easting in most of her pics?
14th August 2010

loved the pics
Loved the photos of the shopping trolley. Glad you enjoyed your trip and Charlotte is now clothed in style.
14th August 2010

shop till you drop!
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SHOP!! - looks like mission complete ; ) - youre a true mummy arent you, 2 photos of your trip away, and double that of your girls - youre too good xx keep up the good work, see you in a few months...maybe for a bit more shopping....will have to book in some dates girlfriend! me xx
14th August 2010

Great trip!
How fantastic to have some mind space and be able to get such much needed supplies. Really looking forwards to seeing you guys when you are back. Cheers. G
16th August 2010

Well done!!
Delighted the trip was so successful. Murray did a great job I am proud of him.Lovely to be set up for the next few months. Great to see some photos.Love you Audrey.

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