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September 3rd 2015
Published: September 3rd 2015
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Johannesburg, South Africa (Sept 3, 2015) I got up early this morning to repack all my things and head to the operating room early. Dr. Cohen had a challenging case this morning, which went very well. He then followed it up with another slate of cataract cases and things were flowing smoothly. Post-operative eye patch removal was bedlam! There were people dancing, singing and carrying on - a really festive celebration of eyesight restored. Was fun to see. I then visited with a 15 year old young lady that had been severely burned at age 8 months and now has SEVERE eyelid and other facial contractures. Her upper and lower lids were turned inside out from the scars on her lids. Her eyes were so uncomfortable. I didn't have time to do the work this trip, but next trip out we'll plan to do some extensive grafting to see if that can help her close her eyes better. Really sad. She was a lovely child otherwise, but scarred not only physically, psychologically as well. Then just before I left, they asked me to remove a tumor from an elderly lady's hand. It was the size of an orange and in the webbing between her index finger and thumb...creating major issues for her. We excised a huge lipoma from her palm and thenar eminence and it looked really good. Amazing what we end up doing on these trips. Cipo drove me to the airport and I got an interesting insight into Swazi couples, how many cows it takes to get a wife, and how the whole courtship, arrangement and marriage process works. He's a wonderful guy - used to play professional soccer in Swaziland - so some interesting stories about that too. The new airport is just as slow as ever, but all very friendly, wanting me to come back, wishing me well. Short flight to OR Tambo in Johannesburg and now here waiting form my overnight flight to Zurich. Lots of flights seem to be on the board for the evening here - the flight board is always so interesting to me. The cities on the board sound like a novel...Good bye Africa!


21st September 2015

how many cows?
Hi dad! Finally getting a chance to really sit down and read everything. Can't wait to see you!

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