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February 3rd 2012
Published: February 3rd 2012
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We have now spent and are finishing our 5 month spell in Africa with a couple of days in South Africa before making our way to the land of Oz. I have realised that I havnt written a blog for a while and the last time I wrote we were in Mozambique. We had a really nice time in Mozambique and I will try to summarise the month in a short paragragh.

We arrived on the 4th of Jan at Iris Ministries, Pemba, where the 'Colliers' had already been for a week, so it was real nice to have friends that we new to help settle us in. Even though it was the quite season on the base, there were still plenty visitor helpers (like us) for us to chat too and spend time with over the next month. The same day as we arrived, an English speaking Swedish DTS team arrived, which was great to chat about experiences and join in with what they were doing every now and again.

There are many ministries that went on during our stay including, prison and hospital minitries, giving widows food minitry, 'village feeding' (feeding about 400 kids (maybe more) from the village a meal of beans and rice), an epic ' village outreach' (Camping with no sleep, lots of kids, praying for the sick, people getting healed, having lots of fun, using up lots of bubbles, eating burnt speghetti, baptising people in the ocean and a 'sore bum' bumpy journey there and back). Megan helped build a house for a disabled man in the community, whilst I did some work on a farm producing food for Iris. We played sport with the kids, hung out with the toddlers a lot and shared lots of meals with the kids on base. There was one occasion where we were looking to spend a day on a nice, remote beach, away from the base, which turned in to taking 10 Iris kids with us, which was a whole lot of fun.

Mozambique has been a time where we have thought about our lives and the future the most, having exciting conversations about where our lives could go. Each day conitnues to mould us but this last month has certainly shaped us the most.

Lots of people came and went during our time there and it was very interesting to speak to Brazilians, Brazilians turned Australians, Australians, someone from Taiwan turned Australian, Swedish, other Englishmen, plenty of people throughout the states, Hawaii; but the people group who was the hardest to understand, wasn't the brazilian who didnt speak any English and very quick Portuguese, but actually was the Scotish (met them at the local hotel a few times, didn't have a translator with me and didnt understand a word they were saying, which is annoying because I'm sure they were speaking English).

We left Mozambique for South Africa, to stay for a couple of days in a cute B+B; This gave us time to see our friends for a quick Mcdonalds in their lunch break, make use of the TV and comfy duvet in in our room, dip our toes in the swimming pool outside and enjoy the amazing free breakfast (in Mozambique it was a bread roll at 6am and in this B+B it is cereal (yes!), yoghurt, fruit and juice... and that was just for starters, the cooked breakfast came after that.

I am now writing this at 7am of the day we leave SA. Our last 5 months in Africa have been epic, with lots of scares, joy, fun, meeting new people, setting up a charity, being in loads of thunderstorms, spending Christmas and New Year in Cape Town, being a couple of streets over from gunfire and lots lots more. Moving continents now seems like a whole new adventure, new people, new surroundings, new adventures and new experiences. We are both looking forward to seeing Megs parents for 2 weeks tomorrow, going to Hillsong church and potentially watching the superbowl at a decent time (starting at 9 30am).

Goodbye Africa...


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