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January 27th 2009
Published: December 11th 2008
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This is such a divine message and truly our outlook on our journey and life together as husband & wife.
After purchasing our flight tickets today, we realised there is a whole big world out there for us to explore and be shaped by experiences and life lessons that God has planned for us.

Author, Thomas Kinkade's, The Many Loves of Marriage

Two for the Road

Picture two backpackers, a man and a woman, setting out on a journey.
As well as they are able, they have prepared themselves for the long trek. They're excited. They're also inexperienced, untested, unproven, and just a little bit scared. Yet they have the essentials. They have a good compass. They have provisions. And they have each other.

They have a vague notion that there will be a long climbs, beautiful vistas, deep canyons, long desert stretches and swift rivers. Although bright sunlight will occasionally warm their shoulders, they also sense (however dimly) that rain will follow, the wind will blow, and snow will cover the trail.

At the same time, they can also appreciate the fact that each of them will change on this journey - as surely as the terrain transforms beneath their feet. Dark nights, heavy loads, long winds, and the heat of the day have a way of shaping a man or woman's soul. They will find a pace that suits them both. They will adjust to weaknesses - whether of bone and sinew, or of the heart. They will develop attitudes and attributes significantly different from the way they viewed things at the trail head.

But as the miles fall behind and the months and years slip by, they will continue to walk side by side. Sometimes helping each other across streams or up steep, rocky inclines, they maintain their long journey... into the unknown.

The landscapes alters dramatically. Storms rage and pass on. Wildflowers bloom and wither, Seasons pass. Companions on the trail come and go. And the hikers themselves adjust and grow through each experience, each amazing vista, each encounter with hardship and danger.

And they stay together.

Step for step. Day by day. Year after year. Their companionship is a constant as everything else changes. When one stumbles, the other is quick with a helping hand. When one becomes weary, the other shoulders two loads for a few miles. They weather the storms. They take shelter in each others arms. They experience high country panoramas when life unfolds before them, shining like a rain-washed highway in the morning sun. Nothing, but nothing, drives them apart. Nothing short of death divides their path.

They are husband and wife.

Two against the world.

Two for the road, no matter where that road my lead.


30th December 2008

Good Luck
Good Luck for your upcoming adventure May the wind always be behind your backs
17th April 2010

How it all began
I thought you might find comfort in going back to your first blog to remind you of the hopes and dreams of the path before you. The quote from Kinkade was almost prophetic...two for the road, no matter where that road may lead. I just finished reading your honeymoon blog and look forward to Linda and my trip to Peru.

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