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August 11th 2015
Published: August 27th 2015
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A lovely night of brews and braai should be topped off with a lovely day filled with what else, more beer! (sadly no braai) This time it’s for educational purposes. Hehehe! Still adjusting to the time change I woke up really early and went back to sleep for a bit but eventually making it to the SAB World of Beer!!! That’s the South African Brewing company. Its like a macro brewery that has plants all around south Africa and makes many different labels of beer. Kind of like a conglomerate which can be a good thing sometimes, but it’s the big guys, so not my cup of tea. There are the headquarters and the brewery. Actually, the cab driver brought me to the offices in Braamfontein instead of the actual brewery in New Town. These are two districts in Johannesburg connected by the Nelson Mandela Bridge. A bit of a hike and actually just far enough away I missed the last tour by 11 minutes. Luckily I made a convincing case and received a private tour all for just me! This particular brewery tour involved a bunch of nice videos and some robots re-enacting hauling beer or something….but the center piece and most informative part was learning about making the sorghum beer AAAAAAND getting to try some! It’s a huge part of the Xhosa culture and many more, but definitely everywhere in the rural areas. Made only by women, used as a ceremonial drink when made a certain way and then of course there is the everyday beer. Gotta have it! Drank out of a large pot (like a clay pot) that gets passed around this beer is sour, sweet, and can pack a punch if you let it! But very nice and I foresee myself hunting for this brew around this lovely land. And then theres the Bunny Chow…found this staple for only 10 Rand. Rand is the money and about R12 = $1USD…Bunny Chow is normally a quarter, half, or full loaf of bread with the insides removed (real origins of the guts from E&G!!!) and then filled with a myriad of different types of curry; mutton, chicken, beans and potatoes. My specific Bunny Chow was listed as a R10 Kota. I didn’t know what that was, but for under a buck I can’t go wrong! Hahaha so yeah, bread and chips. That’s the mushy wedges of fat potatoes inside a quarter loaf of bread. Hahaha oops! New experiences around every corner! Thats all for me today, gotta sort out some details and book tours etc etc etc. Cheers!


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